With a clear order, Julian Nagelsmann Paul Wanner sent the U 19 this weekend. I expect players from us, from the professionals, go down to be the best. He does not demand miracle things, but I want to see that he is investing more than a ‘normal’ U-19 player.

Unlike in the pre-season, as a Wanner, whether a lack of game practice, could hardly shine in the few missions in the U 19, the 16-year-old showed his talent this time. At the start of the season against the U 19 of the TSV 1860 Munich, Wanner looked enthusiastic, committed and dangerous.


After short start-up problems, Bayern dominated the action against inferior lions. Arijon Ibrahimovic refined a fantastic counterattack to the lead (11th), a little later the 16-year-old prepared Luka Klanac’s 2-0 (29th). The guests from Giesing managed to connect with a header from Aulon Mushla (42.), but immediately before the break whistle Wanner picked up a penalty that Ibrahimovic converted to 3: 1 (45.+2).

The lions no longer recovered from the third neck strike, instead Ibrahimovic, who was also allowed to get involved in the professionals, even added his third goal (55th) and at the same time ensured the 4: 1 final score.

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