You must do everything in your power to take care of your followers in the cult of the Lamb. However, some of them will ultimately die either because of illness, either because of old age, or because they will be sacrificed for the sake of the highest goal.


Fortunately, the game has a way to resurrect followers. There are always followers who were excellent workers or had high-quality qualities. Naturally, you want to return them to your ranks.

The next leadership will explain how the revival ritual works and what you need to do in order to return your dead followers in the lagon cult.

how to unlock the Ritual Ritual

You need a ritual of resurrection to revive your followers. To unlock the mentioned Ritual of the Renaissance, you will need to install a doctrine.

To do this, you must get three stones of the commandments, collecting nine fragments of the commandments of the commandments-three fragments are united to create one stone of commandments.

How to get stones

You can get fragments of the stone by defeating the main boss at the end of each crusade. You can also find certain side quests that reward with stone fragments.

However, the easiest way to get stone fragments for the stones of the commandments is your own followers. All you need to do is increase the level of loyalty of your followers by blessing or inspiring them daily.

You can also give them objects that increase their characteristics and actions, as well as perform their personal quests. Please note that every time the ally increases the level, you get a fragment.

how to resurrect followers

When you are ready, enter the church and approve your new teaching. The resurrection ritual is at the second level of the afterlife. You will need three stones of the commandments to get to the ritual.

Having unlocked the ritual of the Renaissance, go to the altar and begin to resurrect your followers. The resurrection of one follower will cost 75x I-15X bones.

The only cost price here is a blow to your faith. This, however, will seem a little as it moves in the game. Therefore, always follow your best followers. Make sure they are healthy and survived as long as possible. After death, return them with the help of a ritual of revival.

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