The times of universal complexity in video games have long passed. Most modern games allow players to regulate the complexity of a single game. So, if you spent a long day at school or at work and want to relax, reduce this difficulty. If you live for a call that can offer games, turn it on several checkmarks. Saints Row comes with several different options. So less worry about how to cope with a difficult mission, and more about how to earn thick stacks of money.

Saints Row 2022 Test Types


You are not looking for troubles. You are here only to enjoy the landscapes and history.

Dangle level *: 0
enemy strength : 0
The frequency of a strong enemy : 0
Combat complexity of technology *: 0
Fame : 0
A deficit of ammunition : 0
* temporary objective complexity : 0


You love lightness, but are not afraid to confuse everything. If there is a corner to play, you will play.

Dangle level *: 2
enemy strength : 4
The frequency of a strong enemy : 3
Combat complexity of technology *: 2
Fame : 2
A deficit of ammunition : 4
* temporary objective complexity : 3


You made yourself, are ready to meet with the world (by default).

Dangle level *: 5
enemy strength : 5
The frequency of a strong enemy : 5
Combat complexity of technology *: 5
Fame : 5
A deficit of ammunition : 5
* temporary objective complexity : 5


You are on the way to skill and strive to hone your skills, overcoming difficulties. What does not kill you makes you stronger.


Dangle level *: 8
enemy strength : 7
The frequency of a strong enemy : 7
Combat complexity of technology *: 8
Fame : 6
A deficit of ammunition : 8
* temporary objective complexity : 7


You are the best of the best. The right to boast is earned by overcoming the most exhausting tests that Saints Row can present you.

Dangle level *: 9
enemy strength : 9
The frequency of a strong enemy : 9
Combat complexity of technology *: 9
Fame : 9
A deficit of ammunition : 9
* temporary objective complexity : 9

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