-The fifth corps leader of , Illia Khan, Director of the Centers for Disease Military, the second place in the popular video

-In the appearance of Ilia Khan who regained strength and the battle in the Raid battlefield Corruption Monarch Pandemonium released

-The official update on the 24th… Another response mall is expected as a new content of ‘Legion Commander Raid’

Today, the teaser video of the new corps leader, Ilia Khan, released by Smilegate RPG’s MMORPG ranked second in the YouTube game category popularity video immediately after its release. The disease group leader Ilia Khan is scheduled to be updated on the 24th.

In the teaser video released on the official website and YouTube channel at 6 pm on Friday, 19th, Ilia Khan, who invaded the Lost Arc worldview of the worldview, invaded Arethin, Totrich. You can see how you recover.


In particular, the Raid battlefield, ‘Corruption Monarchy Pandemonium’, where adventurers actually battle with Ilia Khan, have been released, reflecting the characteristics of the disease-gun leader Ilia Khan in the Lost Arc story and eroding the entire city as well as the entire city. The power of thin diseases can be confirmed by brilliant directing.

The Centers for Disease Military, Ilia Khan, is the core end content of Lost Arc and the fifth corps leader of the Legion Commander Raid, who is most popular with adventurers. The Raid battlefield, Corruption Monarch Pandemonium, consists of three gates, and the normal difficulty can be entered from 1,580 item and 1,600.

In addition, there is also a special mode ‘epidemic’, where more adventurers can play new corps leaders and set footholds by lowering their entrance level and difficulty.

Smilegate RPG Suwon-gil said, As with other corps leader Raids, Iria Khan will also be introduced as a raid content that reflects the keyword Disease theme throughout the battle. He thanked all the adventurers for his expectations for the new corps leader Raid and will try to provide the best fun.

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