The houses are a basic element in the world of Westeros of George Rr Martin. Stark, Targaryen, Lannister, Mormont: These are names of houses that fans know well since the days of the Game of Thrones series and HBO novels. Indicates the lineage of a character, not only in the name but also in the characteristics. There are large houses, such as Targaryen, and younger houses, such as school. So, Who is House Cole in House of the Dragon?

Who is House Cole in House of the Dragon?

Cole Cole Dragon House is not a person but a surname , in the same way that reference is made to the entire Targaryen family as Casa Targaryen. The stealth of House Cole are black granules (which represent coal) against a red field. Unlike Fire and Blood from the Targaryen, House Cole does not have a motto.

Why is House Cole important? Well, they are not, at least not now. In House of the Dragon, you will undoubtedly notice to be Criston Cole (played by Fabien Frankel), the affable gentleman with a poor quality armor that Alicent Hightower points out that it is Dornish. Being Criston Cole is also the one who beat Daemon Targaryen in combat and asked for the favor of Rhaenyra Targaryen after the fact.

At this time, House Cole doesn’t mean much. They are not a great house; In fact, House Cole is a vasallo by House Dondarrion in Stormlands. Nor should they be very rich, taking into account that the armor of being Criston Cole looks a little tattered. That said, it is possible that Cole’s name does not have much weight now, but his name will go down in history.


Now you know Who is House Cole in House of the Dragon? -A surname, not a specific person. You will see more of being Criston Cole as the series progresses. If you expect another history lesson, get more information about who is House Blackfyre too.

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