In our guide to the effectivities of the types in Pokémon Go you can find out:

  • What strengths and weaknesses all types in Pokémon Go have


To win the fights in Pokémon Go , you should know which types are particularly strong against other types. With the large number of different Pokémon types, however, it is not so easy to keep an overview. It is therefore best to save our article as a bookmark if you have to spice in the fight.

strengths and weaknesses of all types in Pokémon Go

In the following table we listen to you All types in Pokémon Go and reveal which other types they are very effective against, which types they are immune and in which types you should better take them out of the fight because they very susceptible to their damage.

Type | very effective against
| not very effective against
| immune to
| Prone to

Normal |-| Stone, steel | Spirit | Battle
Fire | Plant, ice cream, beetle, steel | Fire, water, rock, dragon |-| Water, floor, rock
Water | Fire, floor, rock | Water, plant, dragon |-| Plant, electrical
Plant | Water, floor, rock | Fire, plant, poison, flight, beetle, dragon |-| Fire, ice, poison, flight, beetle
Electro | Water, flight | Plant, electrical, dragon |-| floor
Fight | Normal, ice cream, rock, unlicked, steel | Poison, dragon, psycho, beetle, fairy |-| Flight, psycho, fairy
Poison | Plant, fairy | Poison, floor, rock, spirit |-| Soil, psycho
Floor | Fire, electrical, poison, rock, steel | Plant, beetle | Electro | Water, plant, ice cream
Flight | Plant, fight, beetle | Electrical, rock, steel | Floor | Electrical, ice cream, rock
Psycho | Fight, poison | Psycho, steel |-| Beetle, spirit, unlicked
Beetle | Plant, psycho, unlighted | Fire, fight, poison, flight, spirit, steel, fairy |-| Fire, flight, rock
Rock | Fire, ice cream, flight, beetle | Fight, soil, steel |-| Water, plant, struggle, floor, steel
Spirit | Psycho, Spirit | Unlight | Normal | Spirit, unlight
Ice | Plant, floor, flight, dragon | Fire, water, ice cream, steel |-| Fire, fight, rock, steel
Dragon | Dragon | Steel |-| Ice, dragon, fairy
Unlight | Psycho, Spirit | Fight, Unlight, Fee | Psycho | Fight, beetle, fairy
Steel | Ice, rock, fairy | Fire, water, electrical, steel | Poison | Fire, fight, floor
Fee | Poison, dragon, unlighted | Fire, poison, steel | Dragon | Poison, steel

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tips & information for the type table in Pokémon Go

What does immunity in Pokémon Go mean?

If Pokémon are immune to certain types of attacks, it means that they only suffer very little damage **. Immunity cannot be taken literally in Pokémon Go, as your Pokémon in the mobile game is not completely immune to any attack types.

What happens to Pokémon with two types?

Some Pokémon have two different types . For example, Sichlor is one of the types of flight and beetle. This makes him particularly susceptible to rock attacks, as these are very effective both against flight and against beetles.

For this he has an advantage against steel attacks **, since these are not very effective both against flight-as and beetle Pokémon.

additional damage through suitable attacks

If Pokémon do attacks that match your type, do additional damage. For example, the beetle/flight Pokémon Sichlor shares bonus damage when it uses the beetle attack Anger Blade.

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