Meppen coach Stefan Krämer also had a double rotating compared to the 0: 3 versus the MSV Duisburg: Piossek and Hemlein remained on the bench, carriers and tiny care got their possibility from the start.

Halle’s coach André Meyer made 2 changes after the 1: 3 at 1860 Munich: The yellow-red-locked Deniz as well as the Vollert ran on the appendix offered way for cruisers and captain Nietfeld.

Zimmerschied heads weird

A guided trip that seemed to maintain just 10 reminder turns at first glimpse, yet Abifade stood in the offside (45th), so it was 1-0 for the break.

Just shortly afterwards it was one more requirement that offered the house side the lead: Gayrat put a complimentary kick out of the left fifty percent field, in the center of the woodworker, really missed out on the ball, however was put in the base by Käuper to make sure that the natural leather Left (35th).

It was only in the 20th min that Zimmerschied drawn off the distance and also ensured the initial notable verdict. The Emsländer took a great 10 mins longer to be hazardous for the very first time: Pepic initial made a throw-in, played a delayed dual pass with abifade and also was after that obstructed (32nd) prior to he fell short after the adhering to edge to Gebhardt (33. ).


Kerske as well as Gebhardt fly for the wager

It was only in the 20th minute that Zimmerschied pulled off the range as well as guaranteed the initial significant conclusion. The Emsländer took a great 10 minutes much longer to be harmful for the first time: Pepic initial made a throw-in, played a postponed dual pass with abifade as well as was after that blocked (32nd) before he failed after the adhering to edge to Gebhardt (33. ).

After the adjustment of sides, the residence side entered the game much better again and also won the first great chance for the second round in the 55th min, however Kerske only anticipated against Damer (55.) before he additionally restrained Müller’s effort (56. ).

BEGHARDT still had to give up two times well, however still needed to be beat: Hemlein discovered Pourié, who headed unsustainably from a short distance (82nd). With the momentum of the settlement in the back, the Emsländer press in the heated final mins on the trio, but no more came to actual possibilities, which is why the department of points remained.

Apparently a guard for the SVM, that scraped the equalizer 5 mins later on. The 22-year-old had to surrender the Halle goalkeeper Gebhardt, that parried greatly. So also at the beginning of the final quarter of an hour when Johannes Manske compelled the HFC goalkeeper to an additional solid act with a Schlenzer (75th).

It proceeds for Meppen on Sunday, September 4, with the residence video game against SV Elversberg (1 p.m., live at double rotating). The Hallesche FC receives the SC Verl (2 p.m., live at Twist) the day previously.

The 22-year-old had to offer up the Halle goalkeeper Gebhardt, who anticipated heavily.

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