Team Ninja and Koei Tecmo have published a trailer with gameplay of Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty , the new game of the creators of Nioh and Stranger of Paradise. You can see it on these lines.

In the context of Gamescom 2022, Team Ninja has spoken with some media about WO Long; Between the trailer and the advances, it seems clear that the Japanese studio has set a little in Sekiro for this new game. Surely they are managed to maintain their personality (it is one of those studies that it seems that they cannot avoid it: Nioh is a soulike, clearly, but if you play a couple of hours it is impossible not to see what it has of the type of hack and slash technical, fast and aggressive that works the Team Ninja), but first there are a few changes in the gameplay that seem to give it a very different touch: there is talk of a greater verticality, because now there is a jump button, and of technical confrontations but less methodical Thanks to the elimination of the Aguante bar, which allows to play more aggressively but also gives access to new tools to avoid enemy attacks.

It does not seem as minimalist as Sekiro (there are more than ten weapons to choose from, according to the producer of the game, Masaki Yamagiwa), but the resemblance is there. Another of the new WO Long systems is morality, a variable that determines whether the enemies that appear at a level involve a greater or lesser challenge. If an enemy has more moral than your character, it will be more difficult to eliminate; If you die a lot, your moral low, but if you linked without falling into combat. According to Yamagiwa, this idea is central in level design.

There is no exact date for WO Long yet, but it is expected to come out at the beginning of next year. It comes out on PC and consoles of this and the previous generation; In Game Pass you will be available.

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