Christian Ritz had to grin. His team had just had the Sprig Reuther Fürth Niederzenungen and with the 2-1 win because the second match day and 3-2 in Karlsruhe-and now a press reporter inquired about the condition of the Magdeburg trainer.

With the second win of the season, Magdeburg lifted himself from the transfer zone, yet extra notably Ritz was how his group had appeared: identified as well as closed.

He was primarily pleased for his players, stated Ritz and afterwards mentioned an attractive and a crucial sensation. The advertised team looks back on a completely dry spell of 5 video games without a win and also was currently able to take a breath a sigh of alleviation.


The numbers talk a clear language

When umpire Max Burma placed an end to the game on Sunday afternoon, the numbers spoke a clear language. 14: 5 shots, 63 percent ownership of the round and also 54 percent won battles: Magdeburg’s triumph, there can be no 2 opinions, was completely deserved.

2 actors that were putting on the FCM jacket for the very first time and were immediately in the starting line-up were part of this: Herbert Bock horn and Cristiano Puccini. Both had a good launching, said Ritz.

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