On September 29, Daedalus Entertainment started early access to the simulation developed by IRON Wolf Studio, Destroyer: The U-Boat Hunter and released the trailer.

This game is a single-played work that aims to protect his own transportation fleet from the U-boat, a U-boat of the Axis military, by manipulating the Allied frecier-class destroyer from the bridge, set in World War II.

Win the anti-submarine battle as the captain

The game play of this work uses the bridge of destroyers represented by 3D, sonar, battle command offices that oversee combat information, speculated wake record device (DRT), fire command, and lookout. A form that instructs the enemies and attacks such as the action analysis and tracking, and the actions of the entire escort ship. There are also tutorials that guide each operation, and settings for beginners (on default) that make it easier to search for, such as automatic DRT records.

In addition to the realism and immersion of voice reports that inform the actual combat status of professional voice actors and the actual U.S. Navy soldiers, there are infinite different situations in the automatic weather, time zone, and enemy attack pattern in the Atlantic Ocean. It is said to be fun.

Early access starts

Early access of this work aims to complete while obtaining the player’s feedback. With the aim of implementing new content such as the rescue of survivors, torpedo attacks on escort ships, campaigns, QOL, auxiliary functions, etc., we estimate the maximum period of eight months.

Completion of the game at the beginning of early access

The play experience, which is the core of the game, has already been realized as a stable one, and has already been proud of the goodness of manipulating ships. It is also said to be higher due to custom scenario and generated challenges in the replayability.

Compatible with Japanese


Destroyer: The U-BOAT HUNTER is distributed at 3,861 yen, 10%off, 10%off on the release commemorative sale until October 6, for PC for PCs.

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