Nixon’s large-scale Back Byeongjeon PVP game, War haven, is amplifying the expectations of gamers by releasing videos that introduce each battlefield mission and rules ahead of the global beta test. ‘War haven’ is a 16-16 battle by the Allied and Mara-gun, and if they take the base of each battlefield, they win the opponent’s military force, so you can meet different battlefields depending on the mission.

In the ‘Attack-up’, which occupies the camp by indiscriminate attacks, you can play ‘Moshavalk’ and ‘Gala’, and ‘Baden’ in the ‘conflict’ that occupies and restrains the base, and is effective by strategic play. ‘ The convoy is unfolded with a wide battlefield. The user can feel the excitement by wielding a cold weapon with a simple manipulation on each battlefield, and at the same time, he can use cooperative tactics with the squad. In addition, strategic combat experience using the location and mission of the base of the battlefield, and the special features.

■ Attack-Moshavalk, Gala Go beyond the central base and advance to the opponent camp

The attack is a simple mode that can be enjoyed in two maps, Moshavalk, which is set in the background of the cliff outside the Citadel, and the ‘Gala’ in the background of the beach port. The two camps rush to win two central hubs in three hubs on both sides, and the camp, who occupies the central base, occupies the opponent’s base in order to win the military power.

It is also possible to shake the charter or reverse the charter using the special gimmick placed on the map. In Moshavalk, you can quickly move the combat power by taking a human cannon in a central base to quickly reinforce the combat power.

■ Baden Baden Endlessly check to shoot the center

Baden is a battlefield where endless battles and checks continue to occupy the collapsed central base. The central base can be occupied by more than allies in the area, and the occupation flag can be raised.

There are two hubs in the north and south, with the central base, with allies who are revived in the north, and can immediately join the castle to enhance the combat power, and in the south cannon base, shells with the central base and the south base. You can overpower the flocking opponent at once.

In particular, in ‘Baden’, if the squad leader designates a base, the squadrons can be resurrected and joined in the nearest position, so the cooperative play of the squad leader and squadron becomes the key. You can also kill the enemy to shoot a cannon to build an achievement.

■ Fresh Songjeon-Hwa Dig into the enemy and destroy the statue

The convoy is held in the vast battlefield, Hara. The convoy is required not only occupying the base, but also a strategic play that closely identifies the time-saving time, the number of allies, the enemy, and the combat time. In addition, it is possible to quickly penetrate the base from the highlands to the base, to occupy the base or to fly to the enemy to stop the transfer of the goods, and to disrupt the battlefield.

The convoys are prepared for each faction. Only the convoys of the camp occupied the base begin to move to the opposing camp. Depending on the number of allies and enemy soldiers, the speed of moving is determined, and after a certain battle time, the movement speed is faster and the convoy cannot be reversed. You can win the victory by destroying the statue of the symbol of the camp.

Nixon Lee Eun-seok, director of Nixon, said, In ‘Haven’, you can enjoy a unique exhilarating taste and peak of pleasure through large-scale hematocrit warfare. I would like to participate in the steam global beta test.

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