A Plague Tale Requiem is a third-person adventure, available on PC and PlayStation and free for Xbox Game pass. You can continue the history of alias and Hugo, because they are fighting for survival against plague rats and other enemies who are trying to harm them. You have to discover so many new opportunities for yourself, from an extended battle to larger locations and fresh new puzzles that need to be solved. So, how can you protect yourself and your younger brother in the harmful environment surrounding you and stop the spread of the plague?


Can you kill rats in A Plague Tale Requiem?

The plague rats are very harmful to you and hugo if you encounter them, or they will be able to get to you. Despite some KAT-scenes and plot turns, showing that rats are crushed or killed in other ways, you cannot fight rats or harm them at any time of history. You can own weapons, such as sling, playing for animation, but you can’t apply any damage to rats. Instead, you can pave the way or keep rats in fear using fire, light from the torch or other means.

Do not worry! In the plot of Plague tale requiem there are many battles, but rats are not enemies that you can initiate in combat sequences. Instead, you will have to look for other, more creative ways to get rid of them, since their main weaknesses are light and fire. You can clear the ways in locations using the nearest bonfire or opening windows and cracks to illuminate them.

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