Harvested is a multifaceted role-playing life-player, which gives players the opportunity to feel the taste of intrastate communication, agriculture and, most importantly, battles with various creatures. As in most role-playing games, here you will also deal with all kinds of enemies who need the right strategies to combat them.

Considering that now Valets, the death season, you will need additional help, so we have developed this leadership. If you want to know important combat advice for Harvested and find out how to eliminate a big threat in the vast world without wasting time, continue to read.

How to master the Harvested combat system

Eat Feed for End and HP

One of the first and main tips that we recommend is to take food with us and never go to the adventure on an empty stomach. Although this advice cannot be directly related to your combat strategy, it will help you work better without exhausting yourself in the long run.

The Harvested map is extensive, dark and ominous. You never know what you are facing in the next step or in the next dungeon, which you will go into.

To protect yourself from troubles, with good weapons and class equipment, also prepare food in advance and stock up on it.

Food consumption will ensure the restoration of your health and endurance; Some recipes can even increase the power of attack. We also recommend that you share it with your allies to deepen the connection!

Take supplies with you

In addition to food, we also recommend that you stock up on other supplies.

By other consumables, we mean repair sets, return calls and a bomb. If you are unlocked by you, always take them with you, especially since you never know when they can come in handy.

Since the game is mainly based on battles, you will need them more often than you expect.

Pendle the strong classes


Profession or classes in Harvested is an important intrastate mechanism that helps players to equip and switch between different classes, as well as use their advantages as the requirements for achievements fulfill.

Players will begin with the main profession of a fighter, and as they pass the levels and the discovery of new professions, they will be able to equip no more than three at the same time.

There are ten classes in the game, including; A fighter, a magician, a Stormtrooper, Sky Lancer, a shadow walker, a mechanic, a Malinda, an avenger, a pilgrim and a ligament.

When you unlock them, you can attach these classes to your hot keys by going to the only character tab and equipping these classes in empty slots.

As soon as you do this, you will have a great advantage in the middle of the battle to switch to another style of play and attributes that will help you win in harsh competition.

Bait and evasion

The bait and evasion are two tricks, which, in our opinion, are building blocks of any good battle strategy. If you master them, you can encounter any enemy and get minimal damage, giving maximum return.

No matter how we love evasion, unfortunately, it will not be available to players at the beginning of the game. You need to switch to a certain level in order to unlock this ability, and until then Baiting will have to do this work for you.

In order for the bait to be effective, we recommend that you avoid situations when you need to fight the crowd and control of the crowd. Instead, sit at a distance and kill them from a long distance. Then attack ruthlessly, and after a while you must get rid of enemies.

Pain Points

By pain points, we mean spontaneous attributes and attacks, with which some enemies cannot cope and are weak against them. Each enemy has one weak place that, with effective elimination, can instantly erase it from the arena.

The rule is as simple as water against fire. Use conflicting elements on your opponents, and they should get enough damage. You can study the enemy in advance to find out his weaknesses, and then it will be good for you to go.

Mark many friends

Just like in real life, where you expect your friends to cover your back, in Harvested you can ask your comrades to protect you in difficult times.

Without rushing in the game and focusing on creating useful ties, you can unite with comrades and pass quests and battles that may require you to have a team or additional help.

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