Net marble had a deficit in the third quarter. Operating profit of the third quarter was shifted from the same period last year, and has been in the third quarter of this year. Net marble cited new reasons such as Seven Knights Revolution.

Net marble released its 3Q results on the 11th. In the third quarter of this year, Net marble recorded sales of 694.4 billion won, operating loss of 38 billion won, and net loss of W277.5bn. Revenue increased 14.4% from the same period last year, but operating profit and net loss turned deficit.

Regarding the third quarter’s earnings, Net marble said, Seven Knights Revolution, which was released on July 28, did not achieve as expected, and the loss of foreign currency borrowings caused by the rise in exchange rates also increased significantly. It was revealed.


In fact, Seven Knights Revolution was not in five top sales games. Top sales TOP 5 is Marvel Contest of Champions, Cashprange, Second Country: Cross Worlds, Jackpot World, and Match Slots.

In response to the sluggishness, Net marble has reorganized its internal strategy by achieving the market and internal expectations.

Operating costs are 732.4 billion won, up 26.2% from the same period last year. The share is the payment fee (40.1%), labor costs (29.2%), marketing costs (20.9%), and other costs (15.3%). Payment fees increased 9.4% from the same period last year due to the increase in sales, and labor costs increased 28.6% to North American subsidiary Jam City. Marketing costs rose 44.3% due to the new impacts of the Disney Mirror Guardians, which were released in June.

On the cost, Net marble Dogwood CFO said, Since last quarter, we have been working on major cost efficiency, including labor costs, which will continue in the fourth quarter. But it will not increase much more than the previous part.

In particular, the CFO said, It is the direction to efficient the existing personnel as much as possible and is not an active restructuring. It doesn’t affect the first half.

Net marble will launch the table of three match puzzles, Charlotte, which was launched on November 9th, King of Fighter Arena, Paragon: The Ear burn (Early Access). G-Star 2022, which will open on the 17th, will showcase four new works: Paragon: The Overtime, Medal Chronicles, I Level Up alone: Arise and High Squad.

Won Youngest, CEO of Net marble, said, We have recorded sluggish performance for three consecutive quarters due to rising labor and marketing costs, delays in launching new works, and lack of launch. Level Up: We will do our best to maximize the competitiveness of new developments such as Arise, Medal Chronicles, Paragon: The Over frame (official release) and high-sized Squad.

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