The new collaboration pop-up store of Lost Arc and Shoes Multi Shop Marker was held today. The place is located in Gangnam Station. Now, a very cute mock that can’t be missed by Lost Arc is a hip street fashion, full of armed and pop-up stores.

As the street rococo package, which is already sold online, is sold out, Lost Arc users who have not been able to find the product have visited the site. The package itself is sold not only in Gangnam, but also in stores nationwide, but more users gathered because the event is held only in the pop-up store. It is enough to break through the waiting number 400 before 11 o’clock.

However, there were not many people waiting in front of the store compared to the hundreds of people gathered. This is because Sch marker has distributed the number tag from 9 am and set the entrance time. In addition, except for the package, users who will buy silicon can be purchased on the first floor without a waiting ticket. Thanks to this, it was possible to participate in the purchase and events in order.

The Street Rococo pop-up store has a special photo zone greeted by Rococo and Kong. The photos taken here can be printed free of charge through the Photokiosk. Many users took pictures with a pleasant look, and they also went on.

At the same time, take a photo of the pop-up store visiting and post it on SNS to get a limited special product prizes. Prizes include one of the pin button badge, hologram sticker set, mini mouse pads, and acrylic sayings. Of course, as a choice. However, as it is ‘limited’, there is a possibility that it will be exhausted quickly.

The street rococo package, which can be purchased at the Sch marker store, including the pop-up store, consists of a rococo hood tee, a Morocco silicone set and a clogged, a rococo eco bag, a rococo socks, and a street rococo package coupon. You can buy only one set per person even offline.

Meanwhile, this collaboration campaign will also be held. Every time users buy a package, one pair of shoes donate. The donated shoes will be delivered throughout the society where the underprivileged, such as the underprivileged, will be delivered through various welfare foundations.

The Street Rococo Pop-up Store, full of rococo, will be operated from November 12 to 30. This is a location that can be visited quickly at Exit 10 of Gangnam Station on Seoul Subway Line 2. I have photographed the first day.

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