As of midnight, lovers of the Call of Duty franchise will be able to venture into War zone 2.0 and also start the progression of the Modern Warfare II combat pass. Here is some information about this combat pass. Players will be able to use ” Battle Token Tier ” so that you can skip a level and choose the reward they want first in every season. Whether it is functional weapons, weapons plans, dressing for the characters and much more.

In addition, later in November, it will be possible to add three operators, the stars of Modern Warfare II FC football: the operator set: Tracer Pack: Neymar JR, The Operator Ensemble: Tracer Pack: Paul Pogba finally L ‘Operator set: Tracer Pack: Messi. These three sets Tracers Pack includes the operator, weapons plans, charms, vehicle dressing, stickers, emblems and a blow of grace.


In short, here is content that will interest Call of Duty and soccer lovers. In closing, here is the trailer for the War zone 2.0 combat pass.

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