So the entry was denied at Djokovic’s entry to the scandal. He appealed an appeal. Throughout the treatment, judge Anthony Kelly found, to name a few things, that Djokovic had done everything essential to him to get a visa.

But all of this did not contribute in the thinking, due to the fact that in the end Djokovic solved due to a formal mistake by the authorities that Djokovic had actually left too little time throughout visa.

Thereupon Djokovic, who was evaluated positively in December 2021, received such a remarkable permit from the medical director of the Australian Tennis Association and from the state of Victoria. However, from the perspective of the Australian federal government, which had launched very strict and hard Corona procedures, that was insufficient.

With regard to his visa withdrawal, Mr. Djokovic had actually requested a cancellation of the choice, wrote the incumbent immigration minister Andrew Giles in a publication on Thursday and revealed that he had actually taken into consideration all pertinent facts.

Giles justified his choice with the fact that the causal reason for Djokovic’s visa deprivation no longer existed, given that considering that Mr. Djokovic’s visa withdrawal in January 2022, all entry constraints were withdrawn in connection with Covid-19, consisting of the evidence of one Vaccination versus Covid-19.

He made headlines worldwide in early 2022: Novak Djokovic. Imago Images/AAP

Nevertheless, it likewise emerged that the gamer had noticed public appointments in spite of the favorable finding in Serbia. The contradictory actions of the Australian authorities also got into the spotlight with regard to the visa allocation.


Djokovic, who presently moved into the semi-finals in Turin at the ATP Masters final, fell a stone from the heart. Naturally I was very happy about the news, it is an excellent relief for me and my group, stated the 35-year-old, for whom there might have been no better news. It is excellent news for him, since he can now compete in Melbourne in January and play for his tenth title at the Australian Open.


At the start of 2022, the Djokovic case hit big waves. The world ranking at the time had wished to take part in the Australian Open despite an absence of Covid vaccination with an exemption and even received a visa. This was obviously apparently due to the fact that Brett Sutton, Health Officer of the state of Victoria, informed the Australian tennis association on request that a positive Corona test would suffice for an exemption.

a defeat for all celebrations

Nevertheless, this was now eliminated after less than a year, probably because there was a modification of government in Australia and the people who were responsible at the time about Prime Minister Scott Morrison from a new government around Anthony Lebanese (Labor Celebration), who was the drama about Djokovic Currently in early 2022 called terrific shame for Australia.

Djokovic, who currently moved into the semi-finals in Turin at the ATP Masters last, fell a stone from the heart. At the beginning of 2022, the Djokovic case struck big waves. The entry was denied at Djokovic’s entry to the scandal. During the treatment, judge Anthony Kelly discovered, among other things, that Djokovic had done whatever required to him to get a visa.

Already there it was a defeat for all gamers included who lost credibility and sympathy worth, but also for the Australian authorities who entered a awful light. This likewise satisfied the federal government, which was already in the middle of the election campaign at that time, which was harsh: Minister of Migration Alex Hawks declared Djokovic’s visa in an individual decision and justified this with public interest.

Djokovic once again appealed, however it was turned down by the responsible federal court due to the fact that such a choice is one of the powers of the Minister of Immigration and is for that reason not legally wrong. As an outcome, Djokovic had to leave the nation and, as is typical in Australia in Visa withdrawal or illegal entry, granted a three-year entry ban for the nation.

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