• The Tennessee Titans established a great passing game early and already took the lead in the first drive. A long drive was not sufficient to score in the 2nd quarter, a strong defense performance guaranteed a good field position and the broadened lead at half-time.
  • The Packers started the second half enhanced and had a hard time with a strong 3rd quarter. The Defense established the possibilities of winning, even an interception after weak efficiency to bring the offense into good field position. But in the last quarter the Packers offensive stopped working across the board.
  • Derrick Henry worked as a rusher remarkably bit. To do this, he was able to get an effect on the video game through techniques and tossed a goal pass.

The punt from its own one-yard line didn’t even discover its way into the Titans half, which is why Tennessee began with a brief field. The Titans moved over the short field with two effective passes to Robert Woods prior to Henry faced completion z1. The video game went into the break with a 6: 14 deficit for the packers.

Green Bay Packers vs. Tennessee Titans: The analysis

Then the Titans remained on the field for a very long time. With a successful fourth attempt, in which Derrick Henry got the ball directly as a trick game and jumping over the offensive line, the Titan’s openness was on the train for over 10 minutes. In the end there was a brand-new fourth effort by Henry on Packers-Linebacker Walker. The Packers just began shortly prior to their goal and could not free themselves. Rodgers directly left a safety. He was simply able to vacate the end zone before he intentionally tossed the ball away without a location.

The Tennessee Titans began the video game efficiently. Ryan Tanneries found options in the air versus lightning in the Packers Defense early. A deep pass on Reason Burks, which was set up against a flashing security, brought in 43 yards before Montreal Billiard fell and caught the ball into completion zone.

Because it didn’t click at the Green Bay Packers, you had to paint after 3 plays. This generated a long 3rd attempt (17 backyards) and also sent the Titans directly from the field. In the Redone, the Titans Defense then seemed to get the upper hand, but Aaron Rodgers captured the defense with a fast play while changing with too lots of players on the field.

Packers vs. Titans: At a look

The Tennessee Titans smashed the hopes for a seasonal focus of the Green Bay Packers. Due to a strong passing game and good techniques, the Titans played the best offending efficiency of the season and beat Aaron Rodgers.

Derrick Henry tosses the Titans to success

  • Derrick Henry kept the Packers Defense at only 3.1 backyards per carry. For this he shone in the passing video game. With two catches for 45 backyards, he still brought it to 132 of his own lawns. To do this, he was on the field with 2 plays in the Wild Feline as a quarterback. He came up with two connected passes for four yards and a goal due to the fact that he was also allowed to throw himself during a trick video game.
  • In General, Derrick Henry concerned 32 actions (28 runs, 2 catches, 2 tosses) and was for that reason directly involved in 50 percent of all offensive plays from Tennessee (64).
  • Reason Burks captured seven of his 9 targets for 111 lawns. That was the greatest performance of his brief rookie season (6 video games). Due to the fact that of an injury, he had actually missed out on the weeks 5-9.

The Packers’ offense came into the kick. Rodgers moved throughout the field over Randall Cobb and Hazard before discovering rookie Watson in the end zone once again. Aaron Jones went to the end zone for two extra points therefore Green Bay came near three points-17: 20. Tanneries countered once again rapidly, first discovered Woods for great space win and then Tight End Hooper in the end zone-17: 27.

The Titans reacted strongly. Tanneries found a deep pass on Chicories Okonkwo for 31 Yards, then Henry used a screen pass 42 backyards far across the field. Throughout a line-up with 4 Tight Ends and Henry, everybody had anticipated a running video game. Derrick Henry likewise got the ball, but he ran and threw. Austin Hooper caught the ball, goal. The additional point did not go between the posts 9: 20.

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  • The offense of Tennessee Titans made the very best video game of the season. In the first ten weeks you might never bring more than 24 points (Week 3 & 4 against Raiders and Colts) on the scoreboard. Versus the Green Bay Packers, 27 points were scored. 408 likewise attained Total Lawns are the season record of the Titans (formerly 361 lawns versus the Raiders).

  • The second quarter belonged to Tennessee Titans. With 12: 55┬ámin, the Titans-Orese was many of the quarter on the field.
  • Christian Watson accomplished two touchdowns versus the Titans. According to his three goals from the previous week, he is the very first rookie in four years (Calvin Ridley, 2018), who caught two or more touchdowns in successive video games. This has actually never happened in the franchise history of the Packers before.

Green Bay Packers (4-7) Tennessee Titans (7-3).

Analysis: Packers vs. Titans-Die Tactic panel.

The Tennessee Titans began the game effectively. The offense of Tennessee Titans made the best game of the season. Todd Downing, offensive coordinator of Tennessee Titans, made an exceptional video game as a Play Caller of the offensive. And the Titans assaulted a weakening secondary with pass game trains. The Titans then played particularly efficiently with play action video game trains.

The flop of the video game: Defensive Backfield of the Green Bay Packers.

Todd Downing, offensive organizer of Tennessee Titans, made an exceptional game as a Play Caller of the offensive. The Titans frequently came into great positions when the first attempt was made to develop the 10 yards needed.

It is extremely disappointing that we delivered such an efficiency. I do not even know what to say, stated Packers Head coach Matt Fleur after the game. And it worsens for Green Bay: The next weekend a game is on the program at the Philadelphia Eagles.

Packers vs. Titans-the essential statistics.

The star of the video game: Tennessee Titans Play-Calling.

The video game threatened to tip over because the offense instantly went off the field with a 3 & out. A 3 & out of the Titans followed a turnover on downs on the Packers due to the fact that Rodgers didn’t discover Hazard twice. Because the Packers-Timeouts were utilized up, the Titans knelt off.

Even after the break, the Packers-Orese just ran out of round. After 2 insufficient passes to all Hazard, Rodgers found his receiver in the 3rd attempt for eleven backyards. However, because at the next 3rd effort There tarted the restored totally free attempt (as with the goal in the very first quarter), the packers needed to take the field objective after another incomplete pass-9: 14.


  • The Green Bay Packers put a lot of protective linemen on the field early on. This likewise worked very well over large parts of the game versus the run, however other problem locations of the Green Bay defense left it open.
  • And the Titans attacked a weakening secondary with pass video game trains. Especially versus far-standing cornerbacks, Ryan Tanneries constantly took the short passes Underneath to achieve the needed backyards reasonably easily.
    This balance and exploitation of this Henry focusing in particular have not always been so well done by the Titans. The Titans then played especially successfully with play action game trains.

Before the game, the Titan’s Passing-Oreensse was 31st place in the NFL. The protective backfield of the Packers stopped working again and once again too simple mistakes. The bad pass defense lost the video game for Green Bay.

Outcome: 17:27 (6: 7, 0: 7, 10: 6, 0: 7) Box core.

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