National team captain Dennis Schröder does not wish to fret about the present season of the North American basketball league NBA and considers a go back to Germany possible.

He tried thinking from day to day and initially wanted to end the season at the Los Angeles Lakers. Schröder is the owner of the Bundesliga club Basketball Lower Braunschweig.

When inquired about his objectives as a basketball player, the Braunschweig responded: If you play in the NBA, then of course you wish to get a ring. This is my objective this year. Each player receives a ring for the championship title.

Naturally this is an honor to play here in the NBA. I have all my connections in germany and Europe. So see, I wish to keep it open and see where the trip goes, said Schröder after the 123: 92 of the Lakers against the San Antonio Spurs.


I do not know how long I will play here. I always stated till 35, said the 29-year-old of the German Press Firm in Los Angeles.

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