Japan’s goalkeeper Daniel Schmidt hopes for a win on the planet Cup opening game against Germany in order to annoy his German teammates at the Belgian very first department club VS St. Crewmen.

He has actually typically visited the land of his ancestors. It’s just two hours, I live in Belgium, said the 30-year-old. His trainer at St. Troop is Bernd Hollenbach, and Robert Bauer, Toni Later and Faith Kaya also play there.


Schmidt, born in the USA, has a Japanese mother and an American dad with German roots, but does not speak a word of German himself. At the age of 2 he transferred to Japan with his parents.

When we win versus Germany, I can come back and state: I have beaten and a couple of sayings, said the goalkeeper in Doha.

The DFB group will probably remain in objective on Wednesday (2:00 p.m. CET). I am thrilled. I saw the German game versus England. It will be tough for our goalkeeper, a lot of them have a very good shot. However, a number of us play in the Bundesliga. Hopefully their experience will assist us, said Schmidt.

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