After a particularly long version, League of Legends prepares to receive a new update. Patch 12.23 is now available on the BE test server, and will reach the main servers on December 7.

However, the changes included in it were somewhat disappointing to the community. It is true that some very necessary nerfs and buffs are coming, as well as interesting adjustments.

However, there is a champion who seemed to be crying out for a nerf that was not included in the advertised adjustments.

The most hated champion of League of Legends

Zed is in a dramatic situation. Although he is not the strongest champion of the game based on his results in League of Legends ranked, he accumulates many remarkable problems.

The character is, for example, what has the highest ban on video game: 46.56% of all ranked matches played on official Riot Games servers.

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Analyzing the historical records of League of Legends with the highest volume of data, which make it possible to compare its current situation with the last three years, Zed has been at the best stage in terms of performance.

Riot Games has always been prudent with the character, keeping him in average victories rates around 49%. This means that the more games we play with it, the greater our expectation in terms of a victory rate. This is something that happens to all the champions, but with few this fact is so noticeable.

In addition, maintaining low Zed victory rate is also positive for casual-pois players can also use your favorite character more often, as the banishment rate is lower.

Currently, the champion is banned every two played matches. Thus, it was expected to be released changes regarding the character for the launch of Patch 12.23.


For one last analysis, there are two reasons for Zed’s absence in future patch notes. The first is that it includes a nerf for the angry hydra item that may be sufficient to slightly decrease its success rate.

It promises not to be a permanent change, but today this object-although not very popular-is the one that offers the most success to the champion.

In addition, the developer herself ensured that some changes were left out of Patch 12.23 because they could not be tested enough depth and will probably arrive in a B version, just a few weeks after the update.

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