Apex Legends has many limited time modes, including Winter Express, which is released annually during the holidays. The Winter Express mode has become a favorite of fans since its appearance during the 2019 Holiday Bash. Since then, LTD Winter Express has developed, adding legendary equipment and various train stops.

How does the Winter Express work in Apex Legends?

Winter express is a gaming mode in which three teams of three people compete for control of the train that moves to several stations.

The first round begins with the fact that the champions’ detachment appear on the train, and the other two teams jump with a parachute from the nearest landing ship.

The rounds are won by capturing a train or destroying two other detachments. Each round won brings one point, and the team that scored points will appear on the train in the next round. The rounds last 90 seconds, and the train can be captured in 10 seconds if it is not challenged. The team wins the first to score three points.

During the match, if the point is not scored during the first 60 seconds, the match goes to extra time, where only the average train carriage is considered to be the capture point. If no team takes points when the round ends in 90 seconds, there will be a draw, and in the next round the last team that scored points will appear on the train.


Players can also choose from various sets of equipment that will change throughout the event. Players will be able to choose equipment and optics for their weapons before appearing. Each equipment has two sacraments and an unlimited number of shield cells and syringes.

How to play in the Winter Express mode in Apex Legends

The Winter Express mode is limited in time, so it is available only for several weeks during the holidays. Winter express is available during the 2022 Wintertime event, which will be held from December 6 to 27, 2022. During the event, players can choose game modes in the lobby, and then choose the Winter Express. As soon as you start the game, you choose your legend and equipment, but the equipment can be changed as many times as you want between the revival.

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