The donation amount last year was 1,283,704 euro.


Friendly Fire 7 was able to set a new record in the history of the annual charity stream.
The million was cracked at midnight, it donated over 30,000 people and the highest amount of a single donation was over 11,000 euros.
The fact that these amazing figures would barely be duplicated in the crisis year 2022 must have been clear to everybody, including Pietsmiet, Pandora and Growth beforehand.
The million was broken again in spite of inflation and high energy rates.

Friendly Fire 8: Who was there at the charity stream?

In the new edition of Friendly Fire, things went up again.
In over twelve hours, streaming on the Twitch channel was streamed by Pietsmiet and of course a lot of rubbish, joke and soothing.
Friendly Fire was once again produced by the Munich Laser Studios this year.
The primary sponsor was Bethesda with her sci-fi-rpg legendary Star field, which is due to appear for Xbox, PC and the Video game Pass next year.
Appropriately, the motto of Friendly Fire 8 was totally cut to Area.
Beforehand, the participants existed as area travelers in professional picture shoots.
Growth & Pandora, the group around Pietsmiet, Mrmoregame, the Harder, FishC0P and Uniroyal were there again this year.
The latter even appeared as a purple alien in the twelve-hour charity stream.

Friendly Fire 8: The number of donations could be taken?

What is Friendly Fire?
Friendly Fire is a fundraising event as part of a live stream that has been taking location each year in December since 2015.
Through numerous contributions, assistance from sponsors and the sale of Merch, an overall of over 6 million euros for non-profit associations could be collected within seven problems.
This year the donation was 1,087,542 euros.
This is substantially less than in the previous year, however the mark of one million might be broken.
Viewers had contributed over 15,000 euros to the stream.
In the crisis year 2022 this is certainly a big success and every euro counts anyway.
Where does the cash go?
At Friendly Fire 8, Better place once again takes care of the appropriate handling of the funds received and the releasing of the contribution receipts.
This year, to name a few things, the Federal Association of Trans , the Lichtblick Seniorenhilfe or the German-Ukrainian Association Blau-Gelbes Cruz will be supported.

You can discover a specific list here.
You can still contribute there.
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