A representative survey by the international sports company database One DB among 875 football fans in Germany concerns the conclusion that 62 percent protest the elite job.


Divided by age groups it looks various.
The Super League is much higher in the participants under the age of 25: 58 percent would prefer a shine league compared to the recognized competition of the UEFA, the Champions League.
In the age group of over-25-year-olds, on the other hand, the concept, which had stopped working in April 2021, fulfilled with 65 percent for the.
Young target groups are the Super League much more affine and open opposite, a criterion for Fan tum is just minimal for them, believes Hendrik Fischer, Handling Director of the Wiesbaden Shortage One, which has actually launched the previously mentioned database.

in spring 2023 a judgment is expected

The next few weeks are decisive for the future of the European club competitions.
On December 15, the General Attorney of the European Court of Justice (ECG) will submit his last application to the Super League legal disagreement, which a Madrid Commercial Court of the Luxembourg authority had actually submitted.
A22 sports, the company behind the Super League, on Genuine Madrid, FC Barcelona and the Italian record champs Juventus Turin, which has actually been greatly tough, capture that the Hugh will tip the UEFA monopoly to carry out the club competitors.
A judgment is expected for spring 2023.
In April 2021, fan protests along with an alliance of UEFA, associations, leagues and the lobby groups ECA and European Leagues ensured a quick withdrawal from numerous clubs from the Super League advance.
A22 sports are a lot more diplomatic under the recently brought media manager Bernd Reich art than 18 months ago.
The German stresses that they desire to do the competitors in consistency with the nationwide leagues and to handle gain access to by means of the nationwide leagues.

Far, the tips have remained concrete, which seems politically smart, because it takes possible critics and traditionalists the area of attack.
You can read a comprehensive background story with other figures from the One DB for Super League, Champions League and Bundesliga in the Monday edition of the -Hier in the magazine from Sunday night.

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