You should know the Netflix quest from witcher 2 is back in The Witcher 3. You can find it by following this guide:

With the Witcher 3 Next-Gen-Update 4.00 for PS5, PC and Xbox Series X, CD Project Red supplies a new mission that is based upon the Netflix series The Witcher.
In this small guide we offer you with suggestions on the start of the new mission for Gerald from Rival and benefits and more.
You can find the mission in Helen and have already reached level 15.
Otherwise, the obstacles in the mission are probably too expensive.
It is therefore rewarding to take on other tasks in advance of the quest.
At the guide of the Teufelsgrube west of maulbeertal you will find a priest of the eternal fire that your claim.
In this introduction we supply you with all the information about the mission.

the Witcher 3-so you begin the quest with the Netflix benefits

  • Speak to the priest of the everlasting fire outside the Teufelsgrube.
    Offers him in discussion your aid to begin the quest in the shadow of the eternal fire.
  • Battle through the outlaws to the lowest level of the pit.
  • Enter the mine through the large wooden gates and cross the level.
    You take all the notes and all victim with you.
  • In a large space you do four undead and then take the way through the tunnels and all the notes that you find.
  • You will discover a small room a note with a recipe from Reining and cutscene.
  • Searches the rest of the mine and ready to Reginald’s filter prior to checking out the Stadiums entry to Red Miasma.
  • Follows the way to the final chamber of the mines and opens the gates with Award.
  • Reginald does not offer the potion, otherwise it will be even stronger.
  • Defeat Reginald in the fight.
    Costs his sword thieves for this.
    Attention, he utilizes Queen to cut back attacks on you.


  • Then defeat the second manager and the smaller opponents.
    Take notice of remote fire attacks.
  • In the last dialog, you determine the quest exit.

No matter how, you get the rewards one way or another.

The rewards for The Witcher 3 Netflix Mission

After the mission, you get the armor of the forgotten wolf (medium armor, minimum level 20) and both swords.
The complete equipment is based upon that from the very first season of the Netflix Witcher series.
The bonus offer for 3 parts developed: extends the period of drinkers to +7 percent for each armor part.
The bonus for 6 parts created: Award is dispersing additional damage, influenced by Arden.
After the mission there is a new task in which you take a trip to Keyed Moorhen and collect extra diagrams to improve the devices.
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