A lot of the energy provided by the grid has to go towards powering lights and cooling systems on the football fields. Now, 9 out of 18 football stadiums have been equipped with photovoltaic (PV) systems which will make them much more environmentally-friendly.

Floodlights, cooling, ventilation and multi-die football arenas in the Bundesliga consume a number of megawatts of electrical energy every week.
This not only creates thousands of lots of climate-damaging carbon dioxide, the huge power usage is now also a genuine expense factor for the local clubs.
It is not unexpected that numerous Bundesliga clubs such as SC Freiburg or Bertha BSC wish to utilize the opportunities of a solar system.
They have long considering that had the big locations needed: their own football arenas.
You can discover out what the clubs are already doing when it pertains to solar energy and what the future might bring.


SC Freiburg is progressing

SC Freiburg is currently not only high in the table, the Reagan Bundesliga club is now also at the leading edge of solar power.
This summer inaugurated its solar roofing of the Europa-Park Arena.
According to its own statements, the integrated photovoltaic system with a capability of 2.4 megawatts is among the biggest planetary systems on a football arena worldwide.
The declarations of the association also show that this treatment not only arises pure idealism: it is identifiable to be able to create the whole electricity requirement of the Europa-Park Stadium in the future.

Arrangement of roofing system locations for solar energy has actually proven itself

Other clubs such as the second division team Welder Bremen are now producing significant quantities of solar energy.
However, the truth that a lot of clubs still be reluctant to leap on the train of low-cost solar energy needs to be amazed.
Because the concept is not brand-new: For several years now, operators of s centers and businesses have actually been able to lease their roofing systems successfully to solar companies.
The operators supply the solar systems free of charge and frequently pay high advances in addition to benefit sharing.
Smaller football clubs can likewise gain from these cooperations with the solar companies: they provide the previously unused roofing of their clubhouses and receive a set share in the profit for decades without preliminary investment.
If you wish to lease your roofing area as a club or organization, you can do this in advance, you can do this without commitment at any time.
Such questions can quickly be worthwhile for the clubs: Even smaller or decreased roofing areas are often leased out by the solar business for solar energy, specifically given that the crisis-like advancement on the energy markets should increase electrical power prices even further.

trend towards solar systems gains ground

It is for that reason not unexpected that progressively more Bundesliga clubs use their unused roof areas for the setups of solar panels.
According to the Berliner Morgenpost, the Bundesliga club Bertha BSC started developing a brand-new photovoltaic system on the roofing of the Olympic Arena.
SC Paderborn 07 likewise depends on the installation of solar panels on the arena roofing system.
According to its own declarations, the North Rhine-Westphalian second division team produces up to 480,000 kilowatt-hours of electrical energy annually.
Since all the PV systems mentioned were constructed prior to the energy crisis that began in 2022, a significant boost in planetary systems on football stadiums and clubhouses can now be expected.
This applies even more than the lots of middle and small football clubs likewise have rather large and unused roofing system locations.

Considering that the clubs can now have the systems developed on their area without initial investments, an increasing percentage of football clubs can for that reason be expected in the production of sustainable and tidy energy for the future.
Specifically considering that in addition to minimizing the climate-damaging carbon dioxide, concrete savings potential in the electrical energy costs should draw in the treasurer.

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