We all love Lost Ark! But it has been hard to keep up with all the game’s updates. That is, until this week when the developers of Lost Ark revealed what they are planning for release in the coming year. In case you missed it, here is a recap of what was announced at LOA-on:

Are you also among the players who continue to have a lot of enjoyable with Lost Ark?
If your response to the question has actually been favorable, you might also be questioning what the future will bring for the online role-playing game.

This was exactly what the last weekend at the London winter event 2022, on which Smile gate designers exposed what content needs to broaden the Korean variation (and later on everybody else) from Lost Ark in the next twelve months.
If you wish to provide yourself a little more than 5 hours, please (we summarize the most important knowledge however likewise listed below (by means of my MMO)):.
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Lost Ark: Planned content for 2023.

  • Lost Ark is to be expanded by 3 new classes: the slayers (a woman berserker), the Soul Eater (an assassin expertise) and the male scrapper.
  • Obviously there will be an extension of the main story, plus a new continent.
  • The developers are planning the brand-new ELIXIR equipment system, for which you should currently farm a lot of gold.
  • A new Void dungeon is planned.
  • The new Legion Raid Thiamine should of course be the hardest, have 4 stages and drive you crazy with the brand-new fake attacks.
  • There are likewise 2 new W├Ąchter-Raids prepared, for which the frog-like monster Meredith and the bat-like mescal.
  • For the new Zeros Raid, the developers guarantee an uncommon design and brand-new mechanics.


  • The PVP location is to be broadened by a MORALES mode and a battle royal version with survival components.
  • In the course of a graphic upgrade, developers want to significantly improve things such as lighting, water display screen and reflections.
  • Otherwise there will be many changes in the small scale, such as a prolonged MVP screen, the third awakening capability for all classes, brand-new storage space for RAID materials or faster ship journeys.
    Note that the European variation is still not the material of the Korean version, which was plainly previously released.
    State: It is uncertain when which this content will end up on the EU servers.
    Amazon Games will surely quickly publish a roadmap for to prepare for 2023.
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    Karsten Scholz.

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