As the FIFA World Cup approaches, questions about how to fairly divide the money between players have been raised. In this article, we explore how Eintracht Frankfurt’s Kevin Trap received more money from FIFA than one of the final participants, Randal Solo Mani. Find out why this is and what this means for the future of FIFA in this article!

It will probably take months up until FIFA is provided the precise billing, however Contract CFO Oliver Frankenmuth has currently simulated the payments and expects a total income of around $1.2 million, which represents $1.07 million.
The World Association releases around 200 million euros to the clubs of the over 800 World Cup gamers via the Club Benefits Program.
Regardless of the Operating times, FIFA is rewarded with the clubs, whose gamers come from the 26-member squad of a national team at the World Cup in Qatar, with $10,000 (9435 euros) each day, whereby the preparation time counts.
For the initial round per player, around 170,000 euros come together, for reaching the round of 16, there are 208,000, 264,000 for the quarter-finals, and 302,000 and when entering the final, a remarkable 349,000 euros flow.
As part of this program, 416 clubs of 63 FIFA member associations were paid in the 2018 World Cup in Russia.
The earnings sharing belongs to a cooperation agreement between FIFA with the European club association and was presented to the 2010 World Cup.


Nantes receives two thirds of the sum for Solo Mani

The FIFA payment is distributed to the clubs of the present season and the two previous seasons.
In the case of Solo Mani, who only concerned consistency last summer, FC Nantes can claim 2 thirds of the sum, according to ezwts computations just around 116,000 euros will stream.
Contract only receives the full sum for Trap (170,000 euros), Dacha Ramada (208,000), who came to the round of 16 with Japan, along with for Fibril Sow, who likewise reached the round of the last 16 with Switzerland.
Kristian Basic, who relocated to Frankfurt in the summer of 2021 and finished third with Croatia, brings 201,000 euros to the SGE fund, with Jesper Windstorm, who plays for Contract just as long, it is 113,000 euros after the initial round of Denmark.
Mario Got’s Cater’s journey after the initial round is remunerated with around 57,000 euros, two thirds of the overall go to his ex-club PSV Eindhoven.

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