Manuel Neuer’s interview after being tossed out by goalkeeper coach Toni Analogic at FC Bayern draws even more circles.
Now it has been unveiled that it had been crunching between coach Julian Nagelsmann and the keeper for a long time.
It was a blow to me-when I was already on the ground. I felt that my heart was torn out. That was the harshest that I experienced in my career, these words from Manuel Neuer’s much-noticed interview
continue to sound.
The FCB keeper had actually indirectly slammed the individuals responsible for the German football record champs to the Deutsche Dating and at The Athletic for the expulsion of his veteran goalkeeper coach and close friend Toni Analogic.
Because of distinctions with head coach Julian Nagelsmann, he had actually reportedly had to take his hat.
Now the kicker has exposed that even brand-new things have no excellent relationship with Nagelsmann.
This was currently severely strained before the infraction of the 36-year-old and the Analogic out, composed the journal in his latest edition.
One of the factors for this: Nagelsmann sees Joshua Gimmick rather than his direct contact.
It is assumed that the relationship in between goalkeeper and trainer cools further after the current occurrences around the interview.

Manuel Neuer is not scared of the conflict at FC Bayern

In the meantime, according to Kicker some players with brand-new similarities, within the group.
It is not said exactly which these are.

It turns out: The captain, who is currently injured after his (slammed by external experts), is still very valued by the group.

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It is currently being discussed whether Never still has a future at FC Bayern, the 36-year-old himself does not obviously not think of tossing the shotgun into the grain.
As the kicker continues, Never is by no ways preparing an early farewell in summer.

Nagelsmann advantages from a severance stipulation at FC Bayern?

The national goalkeeper (agreement till 2024) does not shy away from more cooperation with the coach and the possible internal conflict nor the competitors in his position, for which Yann Summer was recently brought by Borussia Mönchengladbach as a replacement (agreement until 2025).
Nagelsmann is now being in Wolfsburg’s current triumph in Wolfsburg.
Despite all the public support.
He apparently advantages from the truth that, according to his agreement, he is entitled to an exorbitant high severance payment if he has to leave the German record champs within the first 2 years of agreement.
This amount must just reduce substantially from July 1, 2023.


Nagelsmann’s working paper is still dated in mid-2026.

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