It is a cold start, however the footballers from FC Bayern are hot for the top game against Eintracht Frankfurt.
We accepted the scenario in this way, are extremely well ready and will assault totally at the weekend, revealed coach Alexander Strauss in front of the Bundesliga tracking battle on Saturday (1:00 p.m./ Magenta ).
After the uncommon game at Turbine Potsdam last Sunday, the runner-up, unlike the challenger, is not yet in rhythm.
We were really looking forward to getting back into competitors mode. We are now taking this energy into the game against Frankfurt, said captain Lina Magill.


B are run-down VFL Wolfsburg (33) towards the title defense.
Behind it, FC Bayern (25) now has one point behind the Hessians in to defend the Champions League, who had crazy Munich in the opening video game before 23,200 fans.
Frankfurt has currently carried out well in the very first leg, recalled European champ Georgia Steinway, but we will implement what we have been working on for the past couple of weeks and months.
The Norwegian Strauss, in Munich given that summer, is convinced that our cohesion within the team has actually ended up being much stronger in the course of the first round compared to the first leg.

The defense strength provides additional self-confidence: With just 3 goals from 10 games, Bayern is the very best defensive in the league.

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