In addition to the main story and the tasks left by your teachers, you will have to complete many secondary missions in hogwarts Legacy.

One is quite secret and rewards him with a beautiful treasure.
Understand how to complete it.

Where to find the mission the ghost of our love?

Unlike other secondary missions, this mission is not given directly by a character.
After finishing the mission In search of the lost pages you will find a map near the region.
This place changes according to the house you choose, but the idea is the same, you will talk to a ghost, and it will give the map and instruction where to find the pages.
The mission will be triggered, and you will have to find the indicated place alone without any help or other tracks.
Missions tracking does not work in this specific case, and therefore you cannot be guided by the field guide.

Where to go to complete the mission?

It is in the forbidden forest that you will have to go.
Use the Flu powder point directly located at the entrance of the forest and spend the day for the night to fall (to do so, open your map and press R3, PS5 or another button indicated).


Now stay on the stone idge next to her and use lights with her wand (still at night).
Floating candles will appear.
All you need to do is follow them: they will delve into the forest until they reach a table.
Look in the chest through the treasure to complete the mission and gain your reward.

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