Vampire Survivors continues to add more stages and functions for free while the game is maintained at a very low price.


The recent update 1.3.0 has added a new stage and two relics.
One of the relics seeks to increase the difficulty a bit.
Here is how to unlock the relic of stumped in Vampire Survivors.

Unlocking of the apoplexy relic in vampire survivors

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The relic of stroke can be unlocked surviving until the nine-minute mark on the Bat Country stage and finding the relic on the map.
The relic can only be found on the Bat Country stage, introduced into the new update, which can be unlocked following this guide.
It is also similar to how the other new relic, Chaos Malachite Race is unlocked.
You can choose any character or stage modifier as long as it reaches nine minutes at the Bat Country stage.
In the nine-minute brand, the skull road icon for relic with a green arrow that points to its location on the map will appear.
Follow the arrow to the relic to see it surrounded by a square of diamonds and requested to get the Charm enhancer.
You can also get writing Tegillesbalm in the secret menu.
The Charms’ enhancer increases the number of enemies that appear in each generation by 20, and can be updated up to a maximum of 100.

That is how to unlock the relic of stumped in Vampire Survivors.
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