Joel and Ellie’s trip continues to advance in the video game line.
They know Sam and Henry, but the representations of the series may differ slightly from the game.
For those who wonder, here are the ages of Sam and Henry in the HBO Max Last of Us series and in the original video game.

The Last of Us from HBO Sam and Henry Ages

The series seems to have slightly lowered the ages of the father and the son.
The series The last of us has Sam at age eight, and Henry’s age is not said, but he is definitely more than 20 years old.
This is a more considerable change for these important characters, especially when the series has so far been quite successful with things like the ages of Joel and Ellie.


This largest age difference between Ellie and Sam is a considerable difference in history.

How old are Sam and Henry in the game The Last of Us?

As one would expect from a game as details as the first last of US, Sam and Henry’s exact ages are known.
In the game, Sam is 13 years old and Henry 25. Sam’s age was important in the game, since being just a year younger than Ellie is a great reason why they connected, and let Henry trust Joel a
Little more easily.
This is all you need to know about the ages of Sam and Henry in the HBO Max Last of Us series and in the original video game.
If you are seeing the series and have other questions, we probably have answers for you on the links below.
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