Now you can lastly just consider this video game of the season that has actually been established for months.
Leon Goretzka is filled with anticipation in front of the cracker in Paris on Tuesday.
Given that the draw, the video game somehow buzzes around us all the time.
Two days earlier, Bavaria no longer need to make an effort to concentrate on other things.
Although it would not have actually harmed the Bundesliga video game on Saturday versus VFL Bochum as a warm-up program.
The method we played is not enough for Tuesday, said not only Gretzky.
We have to place on a shovel.

victorious Bayern do not persuade

Bidder Bavaria were able to thank the Bochum Said Bank that they did not need to slip into the break, however had to go into the break with a whistle performance.
Far insufficient came from the league leader, who has now won three triumphs in a row, but really just persuaded during the first half of the cup video game in Mainz.
The game of Munich is doing not have concepts, inspiration, strength.
If you do not be successful in the early quarter of an hour the can opener, who is happy to be cited by Julian Nagelsmann, the existing efficiencies deteriorate from a minute of minute.
We didn’t actually get the energy that we desired to induce the pitch, Gretzky had to confess.
And not for the very first time.
The ex-Bochumer, who did his job as the sole 6 in the lack of the suspended Joshua Gimmick, does not think that it was because of the processes.
We all know what we need to do.
Even if this is rarely seen.
It is an energy subject that we need to induce the pitch.
So more passion, determination.
More bite.
Due to the recent past, we merely can no longer state that we are there from no to a hundred when we play.
See Villarreal or Mönchengladbach in the previous season.

Currently more claim: Müller sees room for enhancement

Thomas Müller likewise thinks that it might simply run more refreshing on the pitch. You can see throughout Europe that the other leading teams are not simple.


I was always a Bayern fan

However that’s really a weak alleviation.
The focus is on your own defects.
Someplace in us there is more claim.
Bavaria would need to go into an intoxication, believes Gretzky.
That it goes as a matter of course as prior to the World Cup.
We have to work out all of this once again.
And as rapidly as possible.
In the process-so truthful, we have to be able to do one or two things better given that the winter break.
As much as the Parisians are busy with themselves, 10 percent will be punished directly on Tuesday.
This will be necessary in the video game, everyone will know that too, says Gretzky.
It sounds more like hope.

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