Franz Schwarzenbacher has actually already seen lots of things in terms of sports scams.
The head of the Integrity in Sports Uni in the presentation arranged criminal offense in the Austrian Federal Bad Guy Authorities Office was also involved in the headlined operation, which partially provided details in the doping sump.
Schwarzenbacher and Karl Ornetsmüller, the head of the office to combat the mob, are presently handling video game control for the BKA.
After an anonymous hint from the Far East, the private investigators taken a look at numerous football games in the Alpine Republic and quickly found what they were looking for.
Recently there were the very first judgments.
That’s just the beginning, the duo believes.
There is an international group of criminals behind it, which might substantially broaden the case, explains Schwarzenbacher in the interview.
Mr. Schwarzenbacher, Mr. Ornetsmüller, 19 thought cases in the trial of betting scams in the FA Cup, the Regionally OST, the Vienna League and the Burgenland Cup have been worked out, 14 out of 15 suspects have been guilty, where the judgments are not yet final.
Is that satisfactory from an investigative perspective?
Franz Schwarzenbacher: The implicated were mainly a gamer from the 3rd division, not a rap sheet and confessed.
Yes, we are pleased, however more video games are open.
We mention 60 to 70 controlled games in Austria alone.
This implies that not only Austria is affected.
Schwarzenbacher: This is appropriate, however we are still in the middle of the examination and can therefore not say anything more specifically.
Karl Ornetsmüller: We increased the resources in the Federal Criminal Police Office because the effort gradually increased.
There is still a lot to come.
Seems like the case can presume a measurement of how you understand it in Germany from the Holder case or the 2009 weather?
Schwarzenbacher: Let’s put it this way: There is an international group of criminals behind it, which might significantly expand the case.
Are leagues above the ones you have mentioned, i.e. the 2nd or first leagues in Europe?
Schwarzenbacher: In Austria there were rather lower leagues, global play classes are also impacted.

How did the manipulation go?
Schwarzenbacher: The group of criminals in Austria focuses on investing in little clubs.
There they get in as sponsors and bring gamers who work for them in the team.
It is typically like this: The backers of the company have various contact persons in the respective nation who arrange the entire control procedure on site.
With arranged crime (OK) and betting manipulation, there is frequently likewise cash laundering behind it.
In this case, too?
Schwarzenbacher: I can confirm that, amongst other things, it is money from drug trafficking.
Ornetsmüller: That is why it makes good sense to settle this with us as okay detectives in order to compensate for more of our typical areas.
In 2009, a group was set up in the Federal Criminal Authorities Office, which deals just with the discipline of sports scams, doping and match fixing.
For instance, likewise with the trade of doping representatives, we did the Operation Address.
Considering that 2011 we have also handled match fixing.
At that time we also worked on the Music and Ta boga case, which was likewise controlled by a global company of perpetrators.
In Germany there is no focus of the match fixing area, which experts slam.
Has this expertise in Austria lucrative?
Yes, that is shown by the grown personnel.
We have a relying on relationship with the associations, because they are the main victims.

I might envision that a more intensive determination in the German federal territory would likewise make sense.

Franz Schwarzenbacher: I could envision that a more extensive investigation in the German federal area would likewise make sense.
In our current case, we had a lot of betting accounts that were opened in Germany.
This does not imply that games were manipulated there.
But it suggests that individuals in Germany deal really much with play adjustment.
What function do companies like sports cyclists play, the betting chances monitor?
Schwarzenbacher: We have actually been working together with Sport radar since 2013, which helps big.
In the current case, confidential information from the Far East concerned us, straight to the discussion.
Initially, it sounded a bit adventurous.
The accusations concerned specific video games and people.
No matter this, the confidential info from Sport radar was confirmed, and other matches were acknowledged as presumed adjustment.
That was the start of the examination.
Do you understand the theme of the confidential informant from Asia?

Schwarzenbacher: I don’t understand this individual so far, and I also desire to leave them anonymously.
Otherwise, our informant would probably live dangerously.
When did the hint come and for how long do such examinations last?
Schwarzenbacher: The first clues can be found in May, June 2021. We investigated intensively from August, in November there were the very first gain access to due to the fact that the evidence was quite dense, and we had concrete proof for 15 fixed matches at that time.
How lots of individuals are associated with the perpetrator?
Schwarzenbacher: A minimum of 100. None of the backers locations himself and straight his bets, which works through so-called alias accounts over the intermediate people.

believed case of a mix bet: possible profit of 1.3 million euros at 160,000 euros

Because in the field of video game adjustment there is frequently talk of Asian wagering exchanges: in your case, nevertheless, mainly about certified providers from the EU was set?
Schwarzenbacher: Not just, the really huge bets went over Asia, where the tracking is not so easy for us.
There is now an excellent cooperation with those affected with the license holders, they have an interest in a tidy industry.
In Asia, a big part runs through non-licensed service providers.
The system works differently than in Europe, as representatives place the bets, the traceability is not that.
They talk about huge bets.
What amounts do we speak of?
Schwarzenbacher: For instance, we had a third division game video game in Austria, when they made a revenue of 60,000 euros.
At national championship, we have a suspicion of a combination bet: 2 games from the 3rd Austrian league and a video game in South America.
The earnings would have been 1.3 million euros with an implementation of 160,000 euros.
Schwarzenbacher: The video game in South America did not work.
If you state, South America: Does the criminal’s arm actually reach that far?
Schwarzenbacher: Yes, we’re speaking about a global group of criminals.
We are in intensive exchange with Europol, Interpol and with Euro Just in The Hague.

Schwarzenbacher: It is bet on games, a few of which are not dipped into all

Get along games more frequently affected than competitive games?
You constantly read from test video games in winter season training camps abroad…
Schwarzenbacher: It is banked on video games, a few of which are not dipped into all.
This is very typically the case in tennis.
We likewise constantly had actually sold games in training school here in Austria, our republic is incredibly popular in summer for lots of worldwide clubs.
What can wagering associations and companies do to make business less vulnerable to control?
Ornetsmüller: Most do a lot, have big integrity systems and cooperate well with us.
Obviously there are likewise suppliers who do not like the police.
Sadly, the subject can never be entirely prevented.
With league and OF we have a terrific partnership.
Schwarzenbacher: It is essential for us that the clubs pay more attention to the matter.


How do you suggest that?
Schwarzenbacher: We had an Austrian 3rd division club that concerned a sponsor from South Korea, according to a kind of Asian McDonald’s.
He comes to us in the pampas as a sponsor and assures to open a football academy-and the local authorities likewise believe that!
The entire thing just has the background: having the ability to put controlling players.
Ornetsmüller: The clubs are chosen in a targeted manner.
If you move alone in Asia, you do not come up with such clubs.
Specialized individuals sit here and see which club may have financial difficulties.

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