After another exceptional presentation of strength, biathlon superstar Johannes Thingies BO worked on Sunday afternoon for his third gold medal at the Oberon World Championships.
In the chasing race, after error-free efficiency, he won the competitors with well over a minute ahead and even in peace revealed a jubilee position à la Erlang a few meters before the surface.
According to his 15th world champion title, BO said to Norwegian media what was still on his own with the iconic winner posture throughout the race.
Often you need to develop something. And I’ve always discovered him dazzling, BO informed the Norwegian newspaper Gardens Gang about his jubilation, which was based upon the Norwegian football star and ex-BVB Profit Erlang Haaland.

Over a year earlier, this had taken care of a well-known recording in a similar posture, kneeling on his left leg and with the extended index finger in the direction of the audience and the professional photographer, which was incredibly viral, especially in his Norwegian homeland.
The Instagram post of the Haaland event from Borussia Dortmund’s Bundesliga video game at VFL Wolfsburg has actually been liked to be over two million times to date.


Haaland is very large, especially in Germany. I may not be as huge as he is, but a good second, BO joked in a chase race after his first world champion title.

Haaland shot 62 Bundesliga goals for BVB

The Haaland Jubal by the biathlon hero was also a unique greeting to the German audience in Oberon, which applauded and cheered the 28-year-old despite the huge inability of the DSV beginners.
As is well understood, the very best German biathlete was Johannes Kuhn as the 6th with nearly 2 and a half minutes behind.
Prior to relocating to the English champ Manchester City last summer season, striker Erlang had actually been under contract with BVB in the Bundesliga for two and a half years in the Bundesliga and scored 62 objectives in 67 league games for Dortmund.

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