During his time in the youth area of Borussia Dortmund, Edwin Eric likewise belonged to the U 23 training groups, and in his role as a technical director last season, he was really close on the junior varsity.
I understand the significance of the U 23, stated Eric on Tuesday.
The chief coach of the first team just indirectly examined the modification of coach in the BVB II at threat of transfer, which had actually separated from Christian Prefer on Monday after only a little more than 7 months, but made it clear how important the transfer in the 3rd department would be.


Eric remembers Enough and Tinges

There are presently just 2 clubs in Germany that can play with their U 23 in the 3rd league, he stated with a view to BVB and third-placed SC Freiburg II, and for that reason it is very important for us, this platform
to be able to offer the young boys.
The Bundesliga team lastly take advantage of their advancement.
It wasn’t that long ago that we tossed into an Ansgar Klaus because we understood precisely that we can rely on him due to the fact that he not only skilled well in the U 23, however likewise played well.
At Steffen Tinges, whom we added from the U 23 on Monday and might have played in the cup in the cup from the start on Tuesday night in Braunschweig, Eric remembered on December 2023.

An once again and again a wall that you run versus as a young gamer

The U 23 make it simpler for young people to shift from the youth-in the senior residents’ location.
There are likewise examples of young boys with us who have started straight at the age of 16, 17 or 18 years. That is not the guideline, but the guideline is that there is constantly a wall against which you as a young
Player runs, says Eric.
And after that it is often easier if it remains in the 3rd or fourth league, where the attention may not be as huge, where you are not right away marked, where errors are punished, but maybe not so drastic.
This phase is exceptionally important.
Eric, who expressly thanked Presser for the cooperation, takes other Bundesliga trainers regulators in the Bundesliga team training school in order to grow together and make the transitions more fluid.
That we can push. But it is essential that we hold the 3rd league so that we can continue to use this deal.

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