Sword of the Necromancer: Revenant gets a trendy physical variation through Kickstarter, which (once again) will not be offered for Xbox.
Instead, there will just be one for PlayStation, Switch and PC.
Now some fans asked the publisher why this was, and it was suggested that Microsoft would request a minimum number of physical information carriers prior to you can enter into production, which causes criticism.

The minimum number of specimens required for a physical Xbox output is too expensive and (at least for us) can not be reached with a KS project.
If 10,000 people requested a physical edition for the Xbox, we could add it, but that is tough in a video game like ours.

Considering that the minimum for PS4, PS5 and Switch is much lower, we can quit a little order and operate both the backer and the retail, without needing to be afraid that we will remain in our workplace with many boxes.
This criticism was likewise made aware of Chris Charley von Microsoft, who quickly responded:
You need to definitely contact us to make sure that you do not work on the basis of out-of-date info!
Accordingly, these minimum requirements no longer exist, and the information runs out date.
Microsoft may have stopped working to communicate more plainly, since in the past physical variations are often scheduled for Xbox fans.

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