Hogwarts Legacy does not put the player only in combat as you can use the disappointment spell to enter stealthy.
It is possible to end groups of enemies only attacking them by surprise, uncover.
For this you use Petrifies Totals when approaching… and it can be used in combat in a very specific way.

How to use petrifies totals?

  • Use disappointment spell or take a potion of invisibility
  • Approaches enemies without being seen
  • Use the corresponding button to use Petrifies Totals
  • Opponents are defeated instantly
    If you are perceived it will no longer be possible to use Petrifies Totals and you will need to go back to stealth.
    However, there is a way to use the spell in combat, even in some big bosses and enemies.

How to use petrifies totals in combat?

  • Get the unforgivable curse imperious
  • Use in an opponent
  • Approach him
  • Use petrifies totals if you wish
    When you use Imperious, you can use Petrifies Totals several times in a row in a transfer or a boss until you defeat it.


This way you can defeat much more powerful enemies than you very quickly.
This is the best way to deal with difficult opponents until you get the unforgivable curse on Cedar.
You can easily deal with much stronger enemies.
Just need to be careful with large groups so as not to suffer attacks.

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