Wild Hearts is a game about hunting monsters from EA and Goa Team, characterized by beautiful aesthetics and deadly kimono.


To fight these monsters, you will need to use karakul and various weapons that is at your disposal.
This can make you ask what weapons are in Wild Hearts.

How many weapons are in Wild Hearts?

In total, Wild Hearts have at least eight types of weapons.
This weapon, which we know about, but there may be more that we still do not know, and can be added more after starting.
Here are all weapons in Wild Hearts.
All weapons of wild hearts
How many weapons are in Wild Hearts?
All weapons Wild Hearts-a list of weapons
Blade Vegas
A gun
Claw blade
Karakul Katina
The staff of Karakul

All weapons Wild Hearts-List of Weapons

Blade Vegas

Bladed Wages is unique because it is the only weapon that Kimono’s attacks can fend.
He is light, which makes him optimal for close combat and lightning attacks.
Landing attacks and parrot parliament increase the Remi Bladed Wages scale, allowing you to apply more damage.


The onion is excellent in distant battle and offers excellent evasion, dexterity and maneuverability.
You can shoot on onions in a horizontal or vertical rack, each of which has different advantages.
You can use endurance to strengthen your shots and strengthen your onion, which will allow you to apply more damage.

A gun

The gun is a powerful artillery gun shooting with volleys from a long distance.
He has several firing methods, but you must control the charge scale.
Continuous shooting will increase the heat indicator, but you can reduce it by alternating various shooting modes.

claw blade is a light weapon focused on quick attacks and positioning.

One attack allows you to apply quick blows, and the other allows you to easily change your position and evade attacks.
Kimono clawing with claws charges the claw scale, and the blows, when the claws are attached, increase the force of air attacks.

Karakul Katina

Karakul Katina is a nearby weapon with an excellent balance.
It can perform various attacks and is great for creating attack chains and combo.
When the weapon scale is filled, you enter an enhanced state and can apply crushing strikes.

Career’s staff

The staff of Karakul is a unique and universal weapon having different forms.
Alternate and master all five forms to bring down destructive attacks on Kimono.
You will need accuracy and time for a successful transition between forms, but each transformation increases the strength of the Karakul staff.


The sledgehammer is a powerful and heavy weapon with high damage, but slow attacks.
This weapon can perform blows with a strong blow, but after charging you can replace your strokes with rotating attacks.
This weapon also causes damage to Kimono and Karakul.

Nodati is a heavy weapon of close combat.

His slow blows can cause huge damage, but require time and positioning.
As the scale is filled, you can use various unique racks and attacks of IAI.
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