With the upgrade of February 28, 2023, the developers at Arena net brought the new Gyala-Senke location into play.
This is open to all players of End of Dragon.
The GW2 Patch not just uses brand-new story missions, yet additionally lots of benefits, challenges, collections as well as successes.

Yet also far from the new zone of the upgrade at the inmost depths, 2 great in Guild Battles.

devices from end of dragons for everyone!

From currently on you can now choose equipment, the statistics of which you can pick (such as climbing and also unique gear from the living world such as ice golem safety helmet), with the end-of-dragons combinations of the dragon as well as ritualism.
Far, these were just readily available for legendary as well as equipment from EOD.
Building of details equipment is as a result a lot easier.
Also, this armor from Guild Battles 2: Heart of Thorns, which has been offered for seven years, we can offer the brand-new Dragon worth combination from End of Dragons.
In addition to that, the developers have actually enhanced the offers of the shop: old black lion upper body exclusives from the loot boxes have their own classification at the dealership PC and expense less.
Apart from that, there is the group for lately published special, which likewise set you back a little much less.
And entirely brand-new BL-Exclusives additionally have a separate rider, with the commonly pricey rates.

GW2 Spot Notes of February 28, 2023

at deep

What is lurking in the midsts of the Jade men?
For an ill informed group of mining workers from the Jadebrudership, the response might be far more dark than anticipated.
It depends on you to discover the card, to pursue the mystical situations as well as to find the truth at the inmost midsts.
Morris, Rama and also Lao established off on an examination right into consciousness, in which they seek the trail of power as well as betrayal in the middle of the mining company of the Jadebroreschaft.
Aid your good friends to struggle the enigma as well as discover the depths of the Jade men.
Experiences a brand-new story and discloses the reality along with your pals.
Coordinates your efforts and placed a brand-new meta occasion on the whole card to quit the risk under the Demeter.
Involve yourself deeply as well as find the brand-new weapons set of the Luzon seeker as well as the long-lost tools of the infamous Tae-hyun of Cant has, the assassin of!


  • The Soo-Won-Skin collection for legendary weapons is now available.
    Speak to Lava after you have triggered a fabulous tool based on Laurene to begin this collection!
    When using the DirectX11 renderer, The visuals results of the fabulous emphasis of the minstrel are now properly provided.
  • A problem was fixed, stuck by the group members after they took a trip through a site during the story phase Each Common and also Champion of the Episode Everything or absolutely nothing of the living world.
  • Fixed a problem where protects the ‘united legion’ siege service technician… in Ft regardless of the incorrect specialist NSC for the occasion dialogue during the occasion.


  • After detailed research study and experiments, the scientists from the Durand Abbey located that the magic in tools has changed with selectable features.
    You can now adapt these items with the feature mixes of the dragon as well as the ritualism.
  • Xunlai-Jade has launched the most recent Jade Crawler module, the turtle pilot increase!
    Speak to an authorized Xunlai-Jade seller and get the craft dish today!

class abilities


  • Mechelen: Obstacle drive: Trouble has been fixed, which stopped this property from being displayed appropriately in the fight log.


  • The melee variety of all battle screaming abilities of the snider was increased from 130 to 240.
  • Absolutely nothing can save you!: The first can not be obstructed stacks were enhanced from 5 to 10.
    The can not be obstructed by melee battles were minimized from 2 to 1.


  • Throughout March, the Schwarzlöwen trading company supplies different black lion goods in exchange versus raw material.
    Find out much more from the black lion procurement officers that are near the Schwarzlöwen dealerships in every major city.
  • The exchange surface area for black lion numbers has been changed.
    To name a few points, all previous special things from black lion upper bodies can now be gotten from the dealer as quickly as they have actually left the black lion upper body.
  • You will certainly obtain additional information on our main internet site.

renovations and updates

  • The choice food selection was increased to include a slider for adjusting the value for ecological zone intensity.

If the value is minimized below the optimum value, particular kinds of card-based visuals ecological results in various areas are lowered.
For instance, the graphic effect of the vacant bits is minimized throughout of dragon when you relocate the slider to the left.
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