… The triad in central midfield with him, Lucas Court and also Seat Serial: Not just we three, every person is doing it well currently. In 3, you do not win a game, also if the center might be the most vital thing. We have a great one ultimately.
Communication. Lucas and I are the ones that can step in even more as well as can stroll a lot more. As well as with Seat we have one that maintains the spheres much better and can offer us a lot with his technique. This mix is not bad. However ultimately the train makes a decision, that plays.
Spoke concerning his return to Berlin: Olga Circa Imago/Matthias Koch
… the video game in Leverkusen on Sunday: We bet a solid team. I saw the game versus Monaco, when they had a phase in which it was extremely, excellent, as well as after that briefly a phase in which it was not
So well and also in which you yielded the objectives. Obviously we know that Leverkusen has excellent gamers, yet ultimately it is vital what we do. The trainer will certainly show us precisely what is as well as what is not. Our last
3 or 4 video games were okay. We have to improve that, then it can likewise be in Leverkusen. We likewise carried out well in Dortmund (1: 4). Furthermore, we drive to leverkusen to obtain factors.
… Sibling Today (28), who plays Altglienicke at the Northeast Area Organization: I am frequently with him. His door is always open to me, however he is wed, I do not intend to frustrate them, they also need time on their own (laughs). But naturally: we are commonly outdoors with each other, head out to eat.
… his comeback in September 2022 for the Turkish national team: Regardless of how old you are-the national team is a dream for each player. I have had good performances in Turkey, the invite from Stefan Kurtz was then the reward for it. My desire
I never ever offered up. The nationwide instructor makes a decision whether it becomes true.

He plays with a self-image as if he had actually never been gone.
Ball proof, always present, the side individuals with clear commands and also brief news training: Bertha BSC, the impression is advised to obtain a month after the unusual recall, as well as has actually located a piece of puzzle in the communicative midfield strategist that was previously missing.
Olga Circa Pairs A Pair of Football Solutions with Aggressiveness, he is a team player and also clock at the exact same time and became the head of the headquarters within a few weeks.
The man that remained in 2011 with VFL Wolfsburg together with Maximilian Arnold as well as Robin Knocked German A-Youth Champion and also who played for the U 19 as well as U 20 of the DFB, instead provided up the advances of the Turkish association, does Bertha’s video game
recognizably great.

It is an absolute gain for us en masse that we have somebody like that.

Sandro black
Sandro Schwarz, his fitness instructor, applauds him as a gamer with an extremely high feeling of responsibility.
It is an absolute gain for us as a group that we have someone like that.
Marco Richter, also among the protagonists of the tender Bertha increase, likewise praises his new teammate: In some cases Olga soothes the video game, often he makes it quick. It feels like he has actually always become part of the group.
After six as well as a half year in Turkey (Galatasaray, Fenerbahçe, Basaksehir, Ankaragücü), which were crowned by the championship with Galatasaray 2018, the native Lower Saxony is back in the Bundesliga.

on Wednesday Circa spoke concerning…

… his return to Berlin at the end of January: I didn’t have the time to be shocked. It went also quickly on the penultimate and last day of transfer.

Fast. I needed to make the choice swiftly and have to give thanks to Ankaragücü, with the head of state, the trainer, at the team. They made it less complicated for us. I enjoyed in Ankara. And also now you are very happy that you are very pleased in Berlin
Back is and also sees well-known faces once more. I quickly adapted myself, yet I was able to do that everywhere in my job.
… his role as a leader as well as communicator: I additionally had such a similar duty in Ankaragücü. I was prepared. I wished to aid the team asap. Furthermore, I don’t do that al1. Everyone has their very own personality. Due to the fact that one is tranquil, simply
Everybody attempted to assist every person. I tried to simply offer a bit more. It has actually worked well so far.


I likewise transformed as an individual. The entire thing made me stronger.
… his fully grown game: I fix certain circumstances better. You might be a lot more frantic in the past. You desire to do a lot of things at once if you are young. It can work, but you do not need to work.
To stay calmer in certain scenarios to play faster in other situations. I think I’m a clever as well as calmer, yet can additionally play strongly when it comes down. I can change my game any time and adjust, that’s my benefit.
… the time in Turkey as well as the pressure at the big clubs: When I was with the big clubs in Turkey, I was still a little more youthful. You acquire a lot of experiences, bad and also excellent
… Bertha BSC: I can just speak about the 4 weeks in which I am there. I recognize that we have an excellent mentoring and also an excellent army personnel as well as plan for whatever. You in some cases don’t have the outcomes, after that it will be
More hard. We have a seasoned player with Kevin (Kevin-Prince Boating, i.e. ed.) Who supports the group in the cabin.
And we bring every little thing together, after that we really have a good bundle.
… the transfer battle: We get on the ideal track. In the past 3 or four video games there has actually been good progression. Sure, we should not rest, yet need to go complete throttle. Everyone recognizes the scenario in. That was
Prior to that everybody understands it, and afterwards I was added. Possibly I place people on. I attempt to be positive as well as yap to the gamers. We have good energy that we must not shed. If we do it
Obtain positiveness, I am in great spirits that we achieve success.

You get a lot of experiences, negative as well as excellent. I know that we have a great army and also an excellent training team and also prepare for every little thing. In the past three or 4 video games there has been excellent development. We have an excellent one in the end.
Of program, we understand that Leverkusen has excellent players, yet in the end it is vital what we do.

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