13: 0 in professional football, there is probably uncommon.
In the Keen Kampen Divisive in the Netherlands, the second-highest division in the neighboring country, this peculiar outcome happened on Friday night.
Leaders PEC Zwolle essentially base the Bosch outsider FC.
The host relegation, which gets on the ideal way, to produce straight go back to the Redivide, showed from the beginning that there could only be one winner in Zwolle.
In certain, one player had actually initially set the visor correctly: Tolls Ellis.
The 31-year-old Greek tornado tank with Premier League experience in the jacket of FC Everton, had a perfect hat route in his pocket after eleven minutes and 22 secs.
A four-pack needs to be for the Hellenes in the long run.
According to media reports in the Netherlands, the fastest hat method in the background of the nation’s initial as well as second organization.

Thy listens to the wishes of the followers

After half an hour it was 7-0 for PEC, who changed his German legionnaire Leonard Thy (31) during the break.
The extremer set 8: 0 a couple of secs after the restart and also was additionally the one who pressing the tenth gateway called for by the followers in the 62nd min.
The Freshen citizen, who was already hunting for goals for FC St. Pauli, likewise followed the 11-0 10: 0 as well as was in the end of Ellis’s 2nd best shooter at Zwolle.

the Bosch can not descend

The 13-0 win is the highest success in the history of this division, a 12: 1 from Sparta Rotterdam against Altar City on August 20, 2010.
In 2020 Ajax Amsterdam likewise won 13: 0, but at that time in the DEVISE versus VVV Venlo.
FC den Bosch, however, undoubtedly really felt the challenger’s complete anger on Friday night. The group of instructor Dick Schneider, bro of Ajax-Coach Alfred, had actually recently shed a thread and also put the video games in The Hague and Maastricht in the sand.
The entire thing for the inferior club still has something great.
From the 20s field of the Keen Kampen Divisive you can see from a possible descent of one of the 4 junior varsities descend.

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