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Ski Alpine: Separation of the ladies in Kvitfjell currently in the Linebacker was race

Keirsey Kickoff Lie (Nor)
The first Norwegian is on the roadway at the residence globe mug!
On top, she is faster than the Swiss and also makes a portable perception
With the turns, it is early as well as takes the curves near the optimal line
That is why Keirsey Kickoff has nearly a second ahead of the finish line can be celebrated by the Norwegian fans!
Prison Nuder (SUI)
In the upper level item she is totally positioned as well as therefore simply ahead of her compatriot
Then she picks a straight line, obtains along much better with the waves and can increase the lead
It loses a little listed below, yet still comes by the finish line with over two tenth lead!
Joana Fallen (Sui)
The Swiss Joana Fallen opens the race in Kvitfjell in amazing problems!
It has to take care of some bumps in icy problems, however makes a stable impression
With a challenging to drive, she picks an extremely rounded line she sets the initial guideline!

Ski Alpine: Departure of the women in Kvitfjell in the Linebacker

Before the start: The OSV group also has 2 curling iron in the drawing with the Globe Cup-silver medullary victor Nina Outlier (begin number 9) and the constantly strong Miriam Büchner (13)
However the dual pack from Ramona Siebenhofer (5) and also Cornelia Hunter (6) can also calculate possibilities for front placements
For Austria, Elisabeth Basinger (23), Christina Age (25), Stephanie Veneer (26), Tamara Tippler (27), Nadine Fest (31) and Franziska Grit sch (32)
Prior to the beginning: The World Mug Jasmine Fury (start number 8) could ensure that the gold medal can claw in the rate self-control
Along with her, Corinne Outer (7) likewise made it onto the podium
Joana Fallen (1), Prison Nuder (2), Michelle ISIN (16) and also Lara Gut-Behrami (17) must also not be neglected today
There are additionally Delia Durer (28), Juliana Outer (34) and Stephanie Penal (36) for the Confederates
Before the beginning: The DSV hope of Kira Cable (begin number 14) is currently driving for triumphs throughout the season, but lately she had actually to be satisfied with locations outside the Top-7
Can she accomplish a leading placement once again today?
On top of that, the German team Emma Richer (29) and Katrin Hirtl-Sterggassinger (41) start
Before the start: Who are the faves in Norway today?
The success will probably only undergo the Italian Sofia Loggia (start number 12), that controls the World Departure World Cup this season at will
Behind it exists a wide field of candidates on the Sticker: Your teammates Elena Burton (11) and also Federica Brig none (18) are to be discussed, yet also Ilk Style (10), Corinne Outer (7), Kira Wade (14) or
Miriam Büchner (13) can iron out in the front rankings
Prior to the beginning: Hey there and also welcome to the departure of the ladies from Kvitfjell!
From 11 a.m. the auto racing drivers will certainly begin in the speed technique
The real-time ticker begins in excellent time before the beginning of the race

Ski Alpine: Departure of the women in Kvitfjell today on television and Livestream

With a little delay, at 11.30 a.m., the transfer of the race on free television starts in the ARD
Tobias Barbershop is used as an analyst
The public solution broadcaster likewise supplies a free live stream for the race at
Eurosport likewise reveals the race on complimentary television and also in the online stream, which is used for a cost at Exploration+
An additional carrier that takes care of the transfer is DAZN
A registration is required for the livestream, for which the streaming service provides three choices
Articles as well as video clips on the topic
Leading sport reside on DAZN
Register currently!
Can be terminated at any moment

Ski Alpine: The Stand in the World Cup of females

Squares |
Call |
1. |
Mikaela Shirin |
2. |
Lara Gut-Behrami |
3. |
Petra Altova |
4. |
Federica Brig none |
5. |
Reigned Mowinckel |
6. |
Sofia Loggia |
7. |
Wendy Goldener |
8. |
Marta Passino |
9. |
Elena Burton |
10. |
Sara Hector |

In Kvitfjell, the ski racers are currently running a descent
At SPOT, the race is ticked real-time
The other day’s Super-G adheres to today’s separation in Kvitfjell
SPOT ticks the ski towering race live for you

Ski Alpine: Separation of the women in Kvitfjell

Condition: after 3 athletes
Rank |
Last name
1 |
Kickoff Lie
2 |
3 |
4 |
5 |

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