Heirlooms can be upgraded to scale to Degree 70 in Patch 10.1.

  • Awakened Antique Shield Casing (new)-Upgrades an antique armor, ornament, shield or off-hand to increase in power up to level 70. Prices 1,000 Time warped Badges or 5,000 gold.
  • Awakened Heirloom Scabbard (brand-new)-Upgrades an heirloom weapon to boost in power up to level 70. Prices 1,200 Time warped Badges or 7,500 gold.

Snowstorm included 2 new upgrade symbols for Heirlooms, which suggests you can utilize them throughout the entire Dragon flight leveling procedure. The tokens can be found on Time walking Suppliers and Heirloom Curators in Grammar (Estelle at the Gates of Grammar) as well as From in Iron forge.


The shield upgrade token prices 1,000 badges or 5K gold and the tool upgrade token costs 1,200 badges or 7.5 K gold.

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