For group manager Pep guardiola from manchester City, also winning the Champions League would not be able to make a specific dissatisfaction in his life.

I have three idols in my life. Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods and also Julia Roberts, claimed the Catalan after the 7-0 (3-0) in the round of 16 2nd leg versus RB Leipzig when he was from a bitter rejection by the US
Actress informed.
The 52-year-old left the reporter astonished after the game when he discussed: Julia Roberts came to Manchester years back, not throughout Alex Ferguson when they won titles for titles, however in the past four or five years,
When we were better than I. But she didn’t concern see us. She intended to go to Man united, he stated: Even if I win the Champions Organization, it will not alleviate the frustration that Julia Roberts hosted likely to United.

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