Football Bundesliga club Schalke 04 has again completed the promotion year 2022 with a minus, but anticipates an economic pattern turnaround.
In the past financial year, the highly indebted traditional club had a decrease in sales by ten to EUR 157.0 million as well as a loss of 19.4 million euro-1 million greater than in the relegation year 2021.

On Wednesday with.
The overall liabilities dropped a little from around 183.5 to 180.0 million euros, while the monetary liabilities climbed by 0.9 to 141.5 million euros because of the positioning of brand-new bonds.

Schalke business year 2023 should be positive

As early as the 2023 monetary year, we forecast an earning, despite the organization association, claimed CFO Christina Rühl-Hamers.
Playing sales are not needed for this: After nearly three years of extensive job, we managed to lay an extra stable monetary structure once more, where we can now take the following steps.
The predicted earnings in the existing year will be in the single-digit to reduced double-digit million variety.
In case of relegation, the royal blue strategy with a little greater sales proceeds.


In both circumstances, we will be able to decrease more liabilities, emphasized Rühl-Hamers: This does not mean that suddenly big jumps are possible, but we still look hopeful about the future, a monetary fad turnaround is plainly recognizable.

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