Tease during the last trailer devoted to the Barack / Burdock DLC, the presence of Roku in his young adult version at the Tenkaichi Buddha tournament was illustrated thanks to the official Twitter account of the Dragon Ball games.
The opportunity to go and draw into aspects of the series and manga that have not yet been exploited (and God knows that it is difficult) and to find the atypical style of the pencil stroke of Akira Oriya to
the time.

We recall that this Roku who appears with his turban on the head refers to the passage of a new generation, with our hero who suddenly grew up and who almost left his usual humor aside.
Yes, at his Private at the 23rd Tenkaichi Buddha tournament, Roku lost his innocence, but thus goes life.
Obviously, this young adult Roku goes from betting with other characters such as Piccolo in his junior version.
The confrontation between the two also reminds us of good old memories.
According to some rumors, this DLC will be called Chaos at the World Tournament.
We can’t wait to see the result on video.


It shouldn’t be too long.

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