The Gardens Between: Puzzler stands for the PS5

As the workshop revealed today, a Playstation 5 implementation has been dealt with in the previous couple of months, which will certainly be released this month and also will be available for the PS5 from June 16, 2022. The most essential info for proprietors of the puzzle: If you have already acquired The Garden Between for the PlayStation 4, you can subject your PS4 variation to a complimentary upgrade to the PS5 version.

As early as 2018, the indie developers of The Voxel Agents published the slightly different challenge The Yard In Between for PlayStation 4.


these improvements are waiting on the PS5

Obviously, nothing has actually altered on the lively concept of The Garden In Between on PlayStation 5. The best good friends Arina and Frendt come under a number of vivid, dreamy island yards filled with items from their youth. Together they most likely to an emotional adventure where they discover the value of their relationship: their memories of what they had to let go as well as what they ought to never ever have actually left behind, the programmers proceeded.

Further records on The Gardens between.

On Sony’s console of the current generation, problem foxes can anticipate visuals improvements, noticeably decreased filling times and also a representation in 4K and 60 structures. In addition, there is support for the exclusive double sensual functions. According to its very own statements, the dual-sensense controller made it feasible for the studio to completely upgrade the haptic moments in the video game and to make intelligent use of the flexible trigger and the haptic responses.

Black Desert received free on Steam

New World and Lost Ark have shown that there are much more in the world of MMOS than just World of Warcraft or Final Fantasy 14 . It’s almost a little hype about this type of game created and thanks to Lost Ark’s Free2Play approach, all those who wanted to snuple a bit of MMO air. Between all these new and old offers, this is still active MMO Black Desert , which is currently free of charge and thus wants to attract new players. But you have to be fast when you want to dust the Black Desert for free on Steam.

So your Black Desert gets free on Steam

To get Black Desert for free, you have to sign up on Steam and navigate to the shop page of the game. There you can get the game with a click on the “purchase” button for free in your play library and also download even if you want it.

Black desert is not free forever. The action runs until April 13, 2022 at 19 o’clock German time. There are no monthly fees for this MMO (but there is a shop in which you pay with real money).

Free gift package in addition

Black Desert - FREE on Steam!
The long-lasting MMO currently offers an additional Free gift package , which finds her on the shop side of Black Desert on Steam. Navigates to the DLC packages, click on it and binds it with a click on “Download” to your Steam Account. You will receive various objects in the game, including a class extruding outfits and buffs. The following objects are included in the package:

  • 1 x [Event] Shiny set classic of memories
  • 1 x [Event] Blessing of the Kamasilve (7 days)
  • 1 x inventory extension +8
  • 5 x scroll: Combat & Talent EP 300% (60 min.)
  • 1 x Council of Valks (+60)


As always, it is worth looking for free games to expand the horizon. Let’s take a look at the Epic Games Store , find it from today two new free games . One is a Rogue-Like classic and the second title is a gloomy detective adventure . Here you can learn more about the new free titles from the Epic Games Store .

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