How to Generate and Enter Characters Creation Codes in WO Long: Fallen Dynasty

TO Long: Fallen Dynasty puts you on the skin of a soldier of the unnamed militia that makes its way through a dark fantasy version of the dynasty have later, where the demons have invaded the three kingdoms.
While the fight is the order of the day, one of the first options that you are going to find is the creator of characters, and refine the appearance of our protagonist.
The game actually gives you the possibility of keeping the creation of your character and generating a code, which can then be shared with your friends or other players online, so that they can also use your creation.
In this guide, we will explain how to generate and enter these characters’ creation codes in TO Long.

Generation of characters creation of TO Long Fallen Dynasty

Once you have finished customizing the appearance of your character on the customization screen at the beginning of TO Long, after your opening scene, press the menu button (three horizontal lines) on Xbox or the options button on PlayStation to access
/ Additional functions’ menu.
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From here, go to generate/manage characters creation codes and then select one of the empty spaces that appear.
You have 10 of these spaces available for you.
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After selecting an empty space, confirm that you want to load these characters’ creation settings.
Then a screen code will be provided that you can share with others online.
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Don’t worry too much about writing it.
Once loaded, the code will be displayed in the slot you selected, which makes it easier to share.

Enter a characters’ creation code in TO Long: Fallen Dynasty

If you have found an online character that you really would like to use, in the same Save Menu/additional features, select Set character creation code.


Now you just have to enter the code into the text box that appears on the screen and confirm your choice.
Then, the game will download the creation of the character and show it on your screen.
You can see the creation of Venom Snake that we decided to use by courtesy of U/Kanden95 in the TO Long Subnet in the next screen capture.
Image credit: Goa Team through
Now you are ready to go and create (or use) the best characters creations that the TO Long community: Fallen Dynasty has to offer.
Go ahead and enjoy!
To get more information about the game, be sure to consult the links below.
We have links on how to play in cooperative multiplayer mode and if To Long Fallen Dynasty is a cross game or not, to help you in your cooperative efforts.
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